Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Revisiting The Free OSR Post Apocalyptic Download For Mutant Future - Spawn of Devastation Drive-In

A Field Guide To Doomsday has put out lots and lots of wonderful post apocalpytic monster goodness over years. One thing that he's done that has gotten a lot of table top gaming play is Justin Davis's Devastation Drive In series. 
This is a free Mutant Future monster book that features some of the more nasty denizens of those psychotronic features. So why revisit it? 
Over the years I've coupled these books with Tim Snider Man's Thundarr The Barbarian book and they work very well together.

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What Is It? 
Spawn of Devastation Drive-In: A follow-up to the earlier Devastation Drive-In, this 109-page book goes back to the B-movie horror pool to fuel your Mutant Future Nightmares again! Creatures from Feast, the Deadly Spawn, Maximum Overdrive, The Eye Creatures, and other gory midnight movies are featured. As before, the download also features info and screenshots from the feature presentations.FREE (download in right-hand column)

This pdf differs from its precessor in some respects, there are more modern movies here. We've got a bunch of Rental specials here. Movies that were available at a local video rental store back about 2004 or so. For me many of these films like Maximum Overdrive, Eye Creatures, etc were always in the old VHS player.
Many of the themes of these films fit psychotronic nature of Mutant Future. The book clocks in at one hundred and nine pages of pure DM mayhem.
And that's where the magic of these suppliments lays. The DM can build a small encounter around the movies laid out here or an entire night's adventure for Mutant Future. This element allows a DM to have these monsters a reoccurring villains in their own Mutant Future campaigns. One other aspect of this book is that movies that these monsters come from make great alternative Earth settings for Mutant Future. A memorable trip to the world of some of these monsters allows a DM to keep his players sort of guessing where they are until the mutant horror from beyond shows up.
They're something to be said for having a very dangerous demonically possessed Big Rig on the PC's rears every couple of adventures as a wandering monster. Justin does a good job of laying out the cheesetastic nature of these monsters and their movies. But make no mistake these horrors will still kill your PCs dead and bury them with very little provocation. This is one of the weird dynamics of the Mutant Future game.
All in all this is one of those books that needs to be referenced in an on going campaign for Mutant Future.  


  1. Man, Needles. I am ecstatic you like the material so much. I'm glad my affection for these flicks shines through.

    Now I DEFINITELY have to get Part III (IN 3-D!!!) all PDF'd.

  2. Fantastic Justin! I'm so looking forward to it! Thanks for letting me know my friend and I can't wait.


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