Thursday, May 1, 2014

Free Horror and Old School Science Fiction PDF - Protodimension Magazine Issue #19 For Free Download

The latest issue of Protodimension magazine is out! Grab you free download now! There is a ton of material to peruse and use in this Spring time issue! Lots of great stuff for Call of Cthulhu,Dark Conspiracy, Mini Six and much more!  Download Protodimension Magazine #19 Spring 2014
Grab it Right Over HERE

The contents include the following! 
  • Dithering in the Dark, Words from the chief by Tad Kelson
  • Morning Coffee, A brief pick-me-up by Lee Williams (mood fiction)
  • Oliver’s Army, A scenario for the “You’re Nicked!” setting by Linden Dunham for Mini Six
  • Moon of the Wolf, A Movie to use as inspiration by Eric Fabiashi for Serious GM Plotting
  • Town and Country Driving, A sample of rides by Mitchell Schwartz for Dark Conspiracy
  • A Quick Bite To Eat, A short story by Tim Bisaillon (more mood fiction)
  • Old Rifle for A New Century, Tools of the trade by Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy
  • The Trollenberg Terror, Another Movie inspiration by Eric Fabiashi for Players and GMs
  • The Mysteries of Vaal-Al, Part 2, Dark history fleshed out by Ron McClung for Dark Role Playing
  • Ghouls At Midnight, An adventure seed by Dragdamar H’sard for Call of Cthulhu
  • The Siege Begins, Semi-apocalyptic fiction by Tad Kelson
  • 8 Surfaces, A ghostly plot seed by Eric Fabiaschi for Call of Cthulhu
  • Nethoria, The proto-dimension of accelerated entropy by Thomas Euler and Lee Williams for Dark Conspiracy
  • Mental Breakdown in Dark Conspiracy, Unstable house rules by Norm Fenlason for Dark Conspiracy

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