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Free Science Fiction Classic Download - Fantastic, Vintage Science Fiction Magazine, February 1960, Ziff-Davis Publishing For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

Fantastic, Vintage Science Fiction Magazine, February 1960, Ziff-Davis Publishing
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Published by Ziff Davis Publishing Company. February 1960. Volume 9, Number 2. 

Includes stories by: David Bunch, Arthur Porges, Frank Herbert, Fritz Lieber, Murray Leinster, J. Harvey Haggard, and more.

You've got to love the Ziff Davis Publishing company, for years they produced magazines filled with some of the best science fiction yarns and they're perfect for using as fodder for your old school games. 
This issue features the classic Priests of The PSI by Frank Herbert who was still trying to find his way through the wilds of science fiction publishing. There are hints in this one of the elements that would later become Dune but only just out of sight under the surface. The ideas here can easily be adapted into your favorite post apocalyptic game with little issue and might make a nice one night or convention set post apocalyptic one shot. 
The rest of the magazine is crammed with a load of pulptastic material from the days of science fiction magazines. You've got enough material here to adapt it into a couple of minor league adventures and there's an Haggard story that really does have a great vibe for dealing with a pulp game.
 All in all a nice little issue for setting up a quick game or simply using this issue as grist for the pulp adventure mill.. 


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