Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yet Another Free Comic Book Download - Cartlon Comics Space Adventures Issue #23

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This is one of Cartlon comics overview stories about Man's First Trip to the Moon. The issue is a great overview of the various theories from the 50's regarding space flight, space suits etc. The whole issue could be used as a great resource for an X plorers quick one shot game or it could be used as alternative Earth back story for a game like say Stars Without Numbers.
This issues retrofuture technology is very well documented and could be used as a guidelines for a post apocalyptic game like Mutant Future. The ideas here are well written and pretty entertaining. 
The back history of 'Space Adventures' according to Wiki : 
Space Adventures (sometimes cover-titled Science Fiction Space AdventuresSpace Adventures Presents Rocky Jones and other variations for particular issues) was an American science-fiction anthology comic book series published sporadically by Charlton Comics from 1952 to 1979. Its initial iteration included some of the earliest work of industry notables Steve DitkoDick Giordano, and Tony Tallarico, and at least one story by EC Comics mainstayBernard Krigstein.
In 1960, a second iteration introduced the superhero Captain Atom by writer Joe Gill and artist Ditko, shortly prior to Ditko's co-creation of Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.
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