Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free Post Apocalyptic Monster For Mutant Epoch - The Red Harvester

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Need a Lovecraftian style horror able to dissolve flesh, rip apart PC's, tale punishment, still come back for more with an element of the unknown for those jaded post Apocalpytic PC's who've done it all in the wasteland? 
We've got you covered with the second free mutant monster download from Outland Arts. The Red Harvester is a nasty piece of work with a set if random mutations built right into this five page download. 
 The Drive through blurb: 
The red harvester is so named for its ability to appear from seemingly nowhere and reap a bounty of flesh.
Welcome to The Mutant Epoch, where humankind is no longer the top of the food chain. The Red Harvester is our second free Creature of the Apocalypse, and worse then the first critter we made available and defiantly not for the squeamish.  
With the success of the Sickle Foot, we at Outland Arts plan to release more of these nasty freaks to delight and horrify your players. Our third mutant monster is the Spikeback.
While designed using the Outland System Game mechanic stats, any game master worth his or her title can easily port the stat block over into whatever PA game system being used at his or her table.
 So this is one really nasty piece of work that is able to dissolve PC's into puddles of flesh goo with a really nasty bite as well.The monster is oriented for the Mutant Epoch rpg but with a bit of work it could be used with any old school POA style game. The stat blocks are well laid out, the biology is twisted beyond compare, and this nasty has a real comic book style appeal to it. All in all I was really surprised at how versatile this beast really is. 

Using The Red Harvester In 
Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns 

The Red Harvester is one of those rare POA monsters with a myriad of uses. From nasty style assassination weapon to full on full horror critter waiting in the toxic dump. This nasty can pretty much fit the bill for a full on party wipe if used correctly. This thing has camouflage abilities as well as a streak of the unpredictable about it. Place it inside ruins for maximum coverage or a whole load of these for a total TPK.
 This is one really nasty piece of work and could easily be at home among a horror themed POA game or campaign.The things methods of stalking, killing, and taking out its prey are like something from a 1950's or 60's horror movie. 
There is more then a bit of the Lovecraftian about it, and because I've got an upcoming Mutant Epoch game I've decided to dust off some of my notes. 

Out popped this nasty just waiting to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting party of adventurers. This is a great free download and only the second in a series of monsters that can be encountered in the wastelands from Outland Arts.

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