Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free Science Fantasy Classic For Download -Fantastic Stories Of Imagination\ Volume 10 Number 6 (June 1961)

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Another Ziff- Davis effort, Fantastic was a rather interesting little niche market science fiction/fantasy magazine that had a rather  sorted and interesting history behind it. 
According to Wiki:
Fantastic was an American digest-size fantasy and science fiction magazine, published from 1952 to 1980. It was founded by Ziff-Davis as a fantasy companion to Amazing Stories. Early sales were good, and Ziff-Davis quickly decided to switch Amazing from pulp format to digest, and to cease publication of their other science fiction pulp, Fantastic Adventures. Within a few years sales fell, and Howard Browne, the editor, was forced to switch the focus to science fiction rather than fantasy. Browne lost interest in the magazine as a result and the magazine generally ran poor quality fiction in the mid-1950s, under Browne and his successor, Paul W. Fairman.More Information right over

This issue features a cover by Alexander Strumberg and some solid stories by Ef Russell, the Second Ending, and more. The Cosmic Relic is a great little story whose backdrop can straddle the line between interstellar science fiction and science fantasy. Because this magazine isn't well known at all a DM can easily draw from it for his old school campaigns. This is a very nice issue and reads very quickly. Its full of many of the efforts that we've come to expect in a science fantasy magazine from the 1960's.
All in all this is a good backup tool for the DM's arsenal to draw from when creating some solid old school adventures! Grab this one while you can kids! 

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