Friday, May 23, 2014

Free Old School Science Fiction Download - Galaxy Science Fiction, Volume 16, Number 2; June 1958 For Your Old Space Opera Campaigns

Grab It Right
Galaxy Science Fiction, Volume 16, Number 2; June 1958. Published by The Galaxy Publishing Corporation
 This is a perfect old school science fiction free download available for your old school space opera campaigns. But there are a few things missing because of copy right and trademark issues. 

 'The Gentlest Unpeople' by Frederick Pohl, 'The Minimum Man' by Robert Shekley, and 'The Gun Without a Bang' by Finn O'Donnevan; have been deleted from the files since the Copyright was renewed; these author's works will not be displayed due to irrational copyright statutes.

This issue has a great story called Mars By Moonlight by Paul Flehr, which has the characters on a Martain penal colony. Along with some fantastically creepy artwork. Nasty alien monsters and a whole host of nasty encounters this makes an X- plorers or Stars Without Numbers adventure.
 The Last Letter By Fritz Leiber 
 Has some excellent artwork and a great concept for a Stars Without Number adventure. Classic Leiber sort of a story, and its got a really solid ending. 
 For Your Imagination - News Of Atlantis by Willy Ley has some interesting background material that could be incorporated into some old school table top rpg campaigns. 
 Perfect Answer is a solid story that makes a great X plorer adventure. There's a great background that could be incorporated into a link up with a campaign. 

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