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Free Comic Book Download - Atomic War! Issue #2 (Ace Comics) (December 1952) For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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I'm really digging the retro future of the past vibe of Atomic War! And so I've decided to do a bit on issue two for post apocalyptic old school gaming. Issue #2 kicks off the action into high gear with thirty six pages of nuclear war action!
Here are the particulars for this issue - 
December 1952 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 36 | Frequency: monthly | Editing: Aaron A. Wyn (publisher)
 The cover is called His Bomb Missed and we've got a Korean era Chinese/Soviet sub whose nuclear payload has been missed by an American Jet. 

The first story called Operation Vengeance is a twelve page little gem that really gets the reader into the action with some military hi jinks and the oppositions forces getting a bloody nose. Pay special attention here to the Korean era military technology in this one. 
The Ice-Box Invasion (9 pages)- This one really turns up the heat on the polar battle field front and reminds me of the Battle of Alaska from Fallout Three, there's lots of good solid action here and of course the Commies get a bloody nose in this one as well.
The Spy from Coney Island! (2 pages)- The Spy is a two page ripper that goes into the details of the spy game at home and its effects on the rest of the war in this issue. Nice stuff and a very quick read. This might make a great interlude encounter. 

Mission Demolition (9 pages)- More action in this one and pay special attention to the nuclear weaponry technology in this one. Solid story telling and I liked the art as well

Using Atomic War!  Issue #2 For Your Old
School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

This is a great issue for pulling the history of the Shadow Years for your old school campaign. There's lots to mine in this one. From the Korean War era weaponry, technology, to the nuclear technology and it's uses. Other ideas that spring to mind are using the stories in this issue as actual campaign historical events as part of your world's back story. 
While there is lots of patriotic flag waving in this issue there's also a sort of weird EC irony floating through this one as well. This dynamic was used to great effect in the Fallout video games and certainly comes through here as well. The military technology in this issue is ripe for salvaging into your favorite old school campaigns and the effects of some of these operations that are described in this issue make great fodder for an alternative world campaign. As fodder for a weird time travel game for Mutant Future and the like this issue would be perfect. All in all its a pretty strong second issue for a comic and it was strong enough to last for two more issues which for a Fifties comics was pretty good given the climate at the time toward comics.
All in all its not bad as a free download and given the era the retro dialogue and feel make perfect fodder for your old school campaigns. Besides its free and not that well known these days. I hope you enjoy. 

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