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Revisting 100 Wasteland "Dungeon Crawl" Spots From Fishwife Games

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When it comes to getting into the deep end of post apocalpytic gaming this is one of those quick and easy campaign starter pdfs that puts your party of adventurers right into the weird of it. Much of the action in this one comes with the weirdness factor at an eleven. This pdf isn't very big but then it doesn't have to be. This thing is like a quick chain saw to the stomach. 
I've used this encounter table a couple of times. For Mr. Shear's Planet Mother #$%#er to Mutant Future the crawl spots work and work well.
Here's what you get for a dollar according to Drive Thru Rpg:

100 Wasteland "Dungeon Crawl" Spots
(A Game Supplment For Post Apocalypse Settings)
Post apocalyptic gaming shares a common thread with fantasy rpg settings in the nature of having the hopes of finding treasure and powerful 
relics, plenty of dangerous encounters, and an endless assortment of hazard filled ruins to crawl through. This 100 list provides 100 possible location types for the perfect post apocalyptic “dungeon crawl”. A bonus side list provides 50 different possible primary encounters that could be used to inhabit most, if not all, of these locations.

The first 10 locations on the list:
1    Aircraft Hangar
2    Airport
3    Ammunitions Factory 
4    Amusement Park 
5    Apartment Building
6    Art Gallery
7    Bank
8    Beachside Hotel
9    Bottling Plant
10  Bowling Alley

The first 10 possible encounter types on the side list:
1 to 2    1 Gene Vat Created Dinosaur and 1d8+5 Handlers
3 to 4    1 Grizzled Old Man and His 1d4+2 Lovely Daughters
5 to 6    1 Master Scientist and 1d8+6 Techies
7 to 8    1 Mutated Beast and 1d12+5 Deranged Worshippers
9 to 10    1 Pimp and 1d8+5 Loyal Hookers
11 to 12    1 Savvy Trader and 1d6+4 Scavengers
13 to 14    1 Self Declared Sheriff and 1d8+5 Deputies
15 to 16    1 Taskmaster and 1d12+5 Hired Laborers
17 to 18    1 Wasteland Politician and 1d12+10 Loyal Followers
19 to 20    1d12+10 Neo-Government Foot Soldiers

100 Wasteland "Dungeon Crawl" Spots
 For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Look I'm just going to say it, Frankenstein post apocalyptic gaming is one of the best ways to deal with the wasteland from my perspective. If all of the encounters are done right and the adventure is outlined as well as the players are having fun then your doing it right. This supplement takes this sort of ideal and goes right into the thick of a game's encounters. This supplement is meant for a game's setting piece and it places the action right in the center of the game.
Here the plot of an encounter is quickly outline in broad strokes and you the DM fill in the rest. With a couple of rolls and your campaign is partially done. Quietly and quickly your given a very broadly defined game. This is exactly how I'm using this particular set of tables.
This is a great little resource for your Mutant Future, Mutant Epoch, or any old school post apocalyptic campaign.  A great little resource for the price of a burger off of the dollar menu and with a lot less filler.
Great stuff from the pen of Dave Woodrum from Fish Wife Games. 


  1. This does sound pretty useful!
    Gene-Vat Dinosaur with Handlers in a ruined Bowling Alley, now there is a cool encounter!

  2. Glad you like it Bill! I've got more Fish Wife madness coming up!
    I can actually see you using the Gene-Vat Dinosaur with Handlers in a ruined Bowling Alley encounter! More madness coming up!


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