Thursday, May 1, 2014

Revisiting Fish Wife Games Part II - Free Post OSR Resource Thirty Sider Apocalypse Industrial Finds For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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 Industrial sites are some of the best sources of relic technology and artifacts in a post apocalyptic game. A few 24th century replicators or other 20th century metal working equipment can take a community from the Dark Ages and thrust them into a working trade city in a matter of a few years game time.
 This free installment from Fish Wife Games has just that kinda loot! This is one of those small charts that can have far reaching implications in a POA campaign. In a world of road warriors and the like this chart is a gold mine. Remember all of those episodes of the A Team where the characters would suddenly go make their own weapons and temporary military gear well this is the sort of equipment your tech rats and mechanics will need.
In several of my DYI post apocalyptic games Detroit, Dallas, parts of Ct. became places of warfare as the garages, machine shops, and small scale manufacturing areas became prime looting territory between tribes.
 With a Psychotronic movie base campaign, this list becomes even more important. When you add in the number of bad Italian post apocalyptic movies as your base and you've got cars, boats, planes, etc. that need make shift armor. Well this list can be paramount.
The list is completely system agnostic and can be used with just about any system. My preference has been Mutant Future with the number of incredibly cheesetastic free resources out there. 

This resource is perfect for looting of an industrial based city state ruins and cities. This is a great resource for creating your own DYI post adventures. Salt and stocking ruins is easily accomplished with tables like this one. Grab it and get looting  your post apocalyptic ruins!  

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