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Uralian Pirates Faction For Stars Without Number


The space pirates of Uralia, led by its ruler Boris Zandrozov, create valuable anti-gravity fuel sell it throughout the galaxy. The Uralian pirates are descendants from Russian and European space colonies from after the Atomic Wars on Earth. Their name is a play on the Ural Mountains, a Russian mountain ridge that serves as the dividing line between Europe and Asia.
They have been a thorn in the sides of many corporate scavenger fleets over the centuries and continue to plague the space lanes well into the 25th century. 
These brave men and women create portable star ship bases within the ionospheres of gas giants throughout the intergalactic stage. Many ship captains will not risk the potential loss of life and limb to capture these madmen of the star ways. The usual tactic for these daring bastards is to stage several hit and run raids on caravans then retreat. They have been known to sell back the stolen cargoes to the mega corporations that they raid from. 
The Uralian Space Pirates use several "Long Haul" Deep Hyperspace ships designs to venture into the richest areas of the Chasm. They are combination of spacer, space pirate, and mercantile combine. They manufacture some of the fastest ships in the Talon Sector. 
They are a force to be reckoned with and have been resisting the Corporates for centuries . Some of their most influential members include : 
Boris Zandrozov, General Gubovich, Colonel Valdov, Colonel Sklar,

Uralian Pirates Faction
Forces 3 Cunning 5 Wealth 5 
Hit Points 29 
Venture Capital/Wealth 6, Shipping Combine/Wealth 4, Hardened Personnel/Forces 5, 
Black Mail/Cunning 3 
Tags, Mercantile Combine, Space Pirates

The Uralian Space Pirates first appeared in 
Crusader from Mars #2 (reprinted in Tops in Adventure #1)


  1. LOL, you beat me to the punch on these. I actually had considered working these up also! LOL
    Great minds think alike I suppose! : )

  2. These guys have been making appearances in my Talon sector for months now as both antagonists and protagonists. I'm pulling a lot fro the "Space Pirate" section of Public Domain Super Heroes and have been member their for a long, long, time.
    Most of my stuff is PD stuff anyhow. I try to get in at least 30% of stuff from that campaign if possible. Hey you want to do another version of these guys go for it Bill! Seriously this is all Public Domain anyway. I'm hoping to get the Talon Sector as a pdf soon anyhow.
    Thanks for comment and there more coming tomorrow.

  3. Good stuff. I dig these obscure comics guys!

  4. Glad you like it Trey! There's more coming up folks! Thanks for the comments


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