Saturday, January 5, 2013

Black Sabbath Appendix N For My Space Opera Campaign

Here are a quick selection of Black Sabbath Tunes that draw me into the mood for my Stars Without Number games and the various space style old school retroclones. These were playing on the record player back in the day. 


  1. Glad you liked it Omlet more coming up tomorrow my friend. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I'd have included "Behind the wall of sleep" because as a kid I thought the second line was "heavy battles with strange power" (I think it's actually "deadly petals ...").

    Electric funeral, Spiral architect, and Who are you, although none are particularly sci-fi lyrically, still sound sci-fi to me too.

    But Planet caravan is just perfect.

  3. Behind the wall of sleep,Electric funeral, Spiral architect, and Who are you all work as well Mikemonaco. But these were just fast selections and quick from memory pieces that I wanted to throw together. More coming up


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