Sunday, January 6, 2013

Short Trailer Robotech Valkyrie Project (English Subs)

If you love Robotech then check this out! 

 Here is pompous grandiosity that actually totally works for militaristic giant mecha battles and the  super-giant mecha (SDF-1) would be perfect for this . The frenetic, almost-too-much-chaos action is a perfect fit for the all-out-space-battles/missile-­swarm dodges/urban-combat in this trailer. It needs to be remembered that the Robotech action sequences were very dynamic, which is what made it different from Voltron and other giant mecha anime of the day. Much love for the Argentinian folks  that did this.
 Not to worry I've got more 1950s science fiction space/post apocalyptic action coming up. 


  1. I still love Robotech, cheese and all. It really broke me up when they killed Roy, he was my favorite character. It was Henry Blake all over again.

  2. Thanks Tom and I know exactly what you mean. Roy really was a real shot in the chest when I was a kid. Thanks for the comment and more coming up


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