Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Aldebaran Race For Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition

In the year 2488 A.D., alien invaders from distant space known as the Aldebarans tried to conqueror the Earth by using their advanced weaponry and other technology. Their main method of invasion is to convert small planetoids into space fortresses/bomb. Each fortress was equipped with an armada of ships to defend the base while it prepared to smash into its target. The Aldebarans were also equipped with ray guns, holographic projectors, and language translators. They did not succeed in invading the Earth.

Encountered: 2d4 (5d10)
Movement: 120 (40’)
Intelligence: Low to Average
Psionic Potential: 2d4 (inactive)
Hits: 1d8
Armor: -1
Combat Skill: 11
Save: L1
Attacks: 2
Damage: By weapon
Morale: 9
XP: 10

Master scientists and world conquerors, the Aldebarans are found among many mercenary and bounty hunter crews. They are a ruthless and highly advanced race of reptilian pig beings whose origins are highly dubious at best. They're a race with a genetic drift of genius and madmen among them as well as fierce warriors. The society often creates" war worlds" space fortresses/bombs that are used in desperate schemes of conquest. The monsters can also be found among the dregs of galactic society filling out the ranks of spacers and space pirates. Their warriors technology and artifacts often include:  ray guns, holographic projectors, and language translators, as well as heavy stunners for taking hostages. The Aldebarans are 140 lbs each and have an average life span of 70 years. The Aldebarans see themselves as the inheritors of ancient glory from some mythical past that allows them to abuse and subjugate other races for there own amusement.There Aldebarans several notable members of the race who actually serve with distinction aboard Star Command vessels. The Aldebarans gain +1 to intelligence and Strength, -1 on Charisma. 


  1. Bill - I have no idea why Blogger removed the comment but I did update the photos so you should be able to see these guys ugly puss faces now. They are ugly as well. Anyhow I hope you enjoy using them.

  2. No worries, thanks! So are you switching from SWN to S&S? I've been reading over my S&S 2nd ed. hardcover this weekend.
    Just curious. : )

  3. These guys certainly look like ne'er-do-wells. What comic are they from?

  4. Bill - nope I'm doing a one shot Star Ships and Space Men one shot on Monday for Larry's group! I want to try out the system and really get a feel for it before I'd run with a short term campaign.

    Trey - They're from the master pen of Alex Thoth and Art Saaf! Here's their vitals
    Fantastic Worlds #6 (November, 1952)
    Original Publisher
    Created by
    Alex Toth and Art Saaf

    John Adams - Thanks for stopping by and its always a pleasure to get comments from you always. Thanks for introducing me to X-plorers in the first place and starting me on this crazy ride.

    Finally Brutorz Bill I hope you feel better!


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