Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old Hrolmar Free Stormbringer 5th Edition Campaign City Pdf

Old Hrolmar by Richard Watts

The last of Chaosium’s published monographs, Old Hrolmar explores the Vilmarian city of the same name,  and details how the home of Duke Avan Astran represents a bastion of change throughout of the Young Kingdoms.  This monograph includes information on the city, its inhabitants and its future in a world doomed for destruction.

I've been raiding for months now. Grabbing this adventure, that Q&A, and adding to my on going stormbringer 5th edition planar campaign where needed. This is a 110 page campaign monograph that originally appeared on Chaosium's website many moons ago. The author does an excellent job of capturing this fantastic jewel of the world of Elric.
the two-part Shadows of the Past / Sands of Time two-part campaign pdfs. Right HERE
 This is light years ahead of lots of many other published campaigns for Stormbringer and its free there's even some support and player hand outs. There's an introductory guide right HERE
And a map of the entire campaign city HERE

Using Old Hrolmar

There are a myriad of ways of using this campaign. As destination for adventurers, trading point, a model for creating your own campaign city and even adapting it for other games. The material is top notch and very adaptable to a number of fantasy settings for Stormbringer or dare I say any retroclone with a bit of work.
The author would like to thank and Richard Watts for this wonderful addition to his stormbringer rpg collection.
No challenge is meant to the trade mark of the Stormbringer rpg or its copyrights. This post is for entertainment value only 


  1. Dude! Link to the FULL version, not just the Player version! Both are available for free from the Stormbringer website.

    Also, be sure to check the Adventures page for Calisander by Richard Watts, an adventure set in Old Hrolmar. Also check out the two-part Shadows of the Past / Sands of Time two-part campaign pdfs on that same page.

  2. Thanks mwschmeer! Corrected and up loaded! Thanks for the comment and heads up about the adventures as well. More Stormbringer madness soon!

  3. Umm your welcome! More Stormbringer madness to come!


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