Monday, January 28, 2013

John Kidd's Crew Faction For Stars Without Numbers


John Kidd was a notorious and ruthless space pirate who worked for the government of the outer planets of our solar system. He was the arch enemy of Captain Comet, and a descendant of the sea pirate, Captain Kidd. He was ruthless, good with his fists, and quick with a ray gun.
First Appearance 
Danger Is Our Business! #1

John Kidd's Crew

This faction of notorious space pirates takes its name from John Kidd and plies the lanes of space with impunity acting as scavengers and bandle skiffs. They often target other pirates and corporate ships with impunity taking what they want where they want. These felons often attract the most desperate  dangerous, and daring spacers. They're ships move as quick as vipers among the space lanes and are often given to the most dangerous errands and missions.
Gun running, spying, murder, and A.I. destruction are among their stock and trade. They often act through agents among the dregs of spacers and worse. Those wishing to contact them within the Talon sector should wear a white rose. They have among their ranks some of the most dangerous mutant psychics and rogues. The potential client will be spotted and scanned light years away from their employee. 

They have reputations as some of the most ruthless factions among their own space brothers. They a flare for the psychotic and dramatic often hunting their own and collecting the bounties should the opportunity present itself. Among the crew its survival of the fittest. Even bounty hunter guilds will hesitate to collect when these murderous bastards  present themselves. To sail the seas of space with John Kids crew is to sail the skies of hell itself. 

John Kidd's Crew Faction

Forces 4, Cunning 3-4,Wealth 3 

Hit Points 20 
Assets- Spacers/Pirates 4
Zealots/Forces - 3 

Tags- Pirates, Warlike,Secretive  

From Danger Is Our Business #1 


  1. I'll say one thing for that captain kidd: He's a snazzy dresser.

  2. Yeah but black was so last season Trey. Glad you liked the faction. There's more SWN and Stars Without Number action coming up.


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