Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Gallery Of Rogues Update

The Rewards of this Kickstarter have been unlocking but not fast enough.. yet
This is a massive undertaking of a project with some of the top names of gaming doing some incredible work. If you've never heard of a "A Gallery of Rogues". Here's what it is : 

"A Gallery of Rogues is a fantasy sourcebook of a criminal guild and its network of operatives. More than just a thieves guild, the provides details on operation, range of influence, adventure hooks, and numerous tools for GMs and Players to get involved right away. There are even quick reference cards you can buy, along with special guild dice. How ****ing cool is that?
The characters come from all backgrounds, including criminal, civil, and even political. The guild maintains a wide array of members, including at least one wizard and a few politicians — to keep things orderly and all that. Each has a deep background, linked to other members of the guild. This interwoven design promises for a realistic and complex web for your organization. Which in turns means months, if not years of rich game play.
Each character in the book includes game information for old and new editions of the world's favorite fantasy RPG, including Pathfinder, but not 4th."
For the retroclone crowd this is a perfect project and one of the cooler sounding projects to come down the pike. The author and his crew are dedicated gamers and writers who know the score when it comes to giving you bang for your buck. You can check out more right over on the Kickstarter page right Here
Lets get this to happen and release the rogues upon countless campaign worlds 


  1. The big trouble with this is the person behind it, at least the author, did a KS earlier last year and didn't finish it and yet started another KS.

    Beyond that, I don't see much utility in this - how can you have a generic thieves guild that fits into your setting? I think it's only gotten that much support because the artist behind it is talented and has a good track record.

    1. hi. jeremy. not sure who you are, but i wrote king for a day and finished it two weeks ago. unless you backed it under a different name, i'm not sure where you are deriving your information from.

      as for utility, i guess that's up to the individual purchasing it how they intend to take 25 criminals who all belong to the solomon guild and make them fit into their city.


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