Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Brigand Class Light Specialist Class Mi-Go Mecha For Stars Without Number

File:Human brain in a vat.jpg

The Brigand Class Light Specialist Class
Mi Go Mecha
Armor : 10 

Speed : 5 
Hit Points : 20 
AC: 5
Weaponry : Light Laser 3d8  Range : 500/1K, Cutter plates 2d12 

Defenses: Bio Regeneration Flesh, Duro Nano Flesh Sheath 
Fittings - Pulse Transceiver, Panotic Cloud, Mi Go Multi Eye System 

Coated in duro nano Flesh sheaths and driven by a single surgically shunted human brain the spider like Brigand Class Light Specialist Class Mecha were a common sight on the battle fields of the 23rd century. They still guard the Mi Go space lanes today. Even though other humanoid mecha has since out striped these predators of the battle field.
Powered and driven by a single human mind these rapid response mechas can sit idle for centuries lost in their chants to the Great Old Ones. The Mi Go bio fusion systems can last years at a clip. The marvels of the stellar powered "bio regeneration system flesh" have never been fully under stood the entire system is self renewing.
Once the onboard sensors detect the slightest hint of artificial or positronic activities. The mecha comes to life and its single deadly laser system snaps into position. Even as the mecha crawls across the surface of an asteroid or other combat position its systems are live. The  
Pulse Transceiver, Panotic Cloud,  and Mi Go Multi Eye System are relaying all information about its targets to its insane insectoid like masters. 
The Brigand Class Light Specialist Class Mi Go Mecha are a hazard to be feared throughout the Talon sector and beyond. 

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