Saturday, January 12, 2013

1d20 Random Space Trucking Events Table For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

File:Early Space Station Concept - GPN-2003-00113.jpg
1d20  Random Space Trucking Events Table

  1. A set of 1d20 tractor beam mines latches onto your ship and will cause 1d4 points of damage each if they explode. What will you do?
  2. There is a cosmically powerful 12th level wizard/lich aboard your ship in the cargo hold hitching a ride. Everything should be alright as long as it doesn't wake up. What was that noise ?
  3. A spawn of the Outer Gods is tracking your ship. The soul sucking monster will stop at nothing to get you
  4. There are a  fleet of undead space pirates looking for easy targets. 1d8 ships materialize off of the port bow. 
  5. Groups of alien refugees are fleeing a cosmic disaster and they need help. They are broadcasting on all frequencies. There are 1d8 ships holding them 
  6. A relic ship over four million years old and its cursed AI drives the thing forever on passes nearby spewing forth blasphemous secrets on all channels. 
  7. A rag tag group of space pirates is looking for a new crew to hook up with. 
  8. An AI probe is curious and follows your space craft 
  9. A white hole opens up 2 light years away and begins to spew forth the remains of 1d3 alien planets along with strange radiations 
  10. 1d4 alien cargoes float in the void. There is carbon scoring across most of the containers. 
  11. A team of archaeologists has stalled out in their ship and need a boast. They're mysterious cargo has caused the problem. 
  12. An alien tomb ship materializes nearby from hyperspace. The thing is surrounded by a golden light. 
  13. A space going brothel/information house is open for business and is advertising 2 light years away 
  14. An ancient alien weapons system has a lock on your ship and is tracking you. 
  15. A cloud of magnetic nanodust screws with your instruments and then the real trouble begins 
  16. 1d8  4 hit point golems warriors armed with vibro weapons materializes on your bridge. They're looking to recruit not fight 
  17. A tomb space craft of one of the last sword emperors materializes starboard and its AI locks weapons. It transmits a warning in an unknown language. Then charges weapons 
  18. A strange energy pulse of psychic energy scans you and everything on board your ship. The pulse causes everything to glow blue for a moment 
  19. An advertising ship follows your ship and reports your movements to anyone within frequency range on all channels. The ship appears at odd intervals only to disappear back into hyper space. 
  20. 1d4 space barbarian ships are cruising nearby looking for easy pickings. Then they spot your ship.

File:Early Space Station Concept - GPN-2003-00112.jpg

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