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Journey To The Seventh Planet For Your Old School Space Opera

Journey to the Seventh Planet (American International, 1961) One Sheet
Making its appearance in 1961 Journey To the Seventh Planet isn't widely known and its a perfect little film to pull from for a science fantasy based game..
The United Nations expediation to Uranus is a great jump off point for the exploration of the Outer planets of our solar system. There's an odd horror element to this film. The film takes place in 2001 during the Explorers program of exploration of our solar system. This is a great jump off point for an X plorers game or a dip into the past of Stars Ships and Space men second edition. 

The Plot according to Wiki - 

During their journey to the planet an alien presence briefly assumes control of the crew's minds. They awaken safely but notice that an unexplained long period of time has passed by.
Upon landing on Uranus, they find a forested land oddly like our own (rather than the cold, bleak world they were expecting.) This forest is surrounded by a mysterious barrier. One of the crew pushes his arm through the barrier, only to have it frozen.
New features and forms begin to appear each time they are imagined by the crew.A village appears,with girls the crews past.None of the crew really question,how these got there. Soon, however, the crew discover that they have been the victims of mind control by a one-eyed brain living in a cave.There, they are confronted by the "Being," whose mysterious brain cuts to the inner thoughts of the explorers and causes their thoughts to appear as mirages.Uranus is soon filled with a bevy of beautiful girls thought up by the spacemen,to go along with some quicksand, a one-eyed rodent and a really mean giant centipede. The brain plans to possess the astronauts' bodies and have them take it back to Earth where it will implement a plan for global domination.Eric does a little research on the suspected adversary. Okay, he asks Ingrid and she tells him all about the space brain (convenient). Then the explorers turned warriors don their Alaitoc uniforms and make an abortive attempt to kill the lurking monster. You have to understand, the evil presence dwells in a lair outside the forcefield. It is protected by a forest of razor sharp crystals and nightmares dragged directly from the men's subconscious. After deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, Eric and the others flee back to the artificial paradise. Unfortunately, the clumsy commander rips his suit open on a crystal and nearly dies. Now they must find a way to destroy the being before he can carry out his plan The crew finally outwits the supposedly mind-reading creature.

Using Journey To The Seventh Planet For Your Old School Space Games 
This version of Uranus has razor sharp crystal forests and ancient ruins perfect for a mega dungeon of the Dm's choose. Basically your looking at a Uranian Outpost with two separate sets of ruins. 

The Brain Creature of Uranus  For Mutant Future 

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: None

Armor Class: 8

Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: Special
Damage: Special
Save: F3
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: VII
Mental Phantasm 

Phantasmal Force Warping Illusions
Pychic Force Bubble
 The Brain from Uranus seems to be a classic Cortella with a higher degree of mastery of psychics. The monster psychologically experiments on the astronauts it finds upon its world. It builds from the memories and dreams of adventurers a safe zone where it can preform its diabolical psychological experiments while feeding on the mental energies of the victim. More information on the monsters can be found on the Savage Afterworld right over Here
United Nations Explorer 12
 The United Nations Explore 12
Crew : 5 
Hit Points :30 
Armor Class: 7 
Drive System -Ion Sublight Pulse Drive 
Nuclear Fuel Drive sub system 
This vessel was part of the United Nations program of exploration right after the introduction of pre warp technology in 2001. The Explorers class ships were used and still are with a dual drive system for exploring the outer edges of both our solar system and beyond. The ships are still being used today as robot ships tasked with the most basic errands. 
The ships feature a two tier deck system and elevators that go between decks. The ship is a model of efficiency and design able to deploy particle collectors for additional fuel consumption and collection during extended FTL journeys. Ships of the explorer class are equipped with modern sleep pods, and limited jump engines. This allows the ship to make four to six jumps before parts must be replaced 

 Ten Reasons To Use 
Journey To The Seventh Planet For Your Old School Space Opera 

  1. The Urain Outpost has two sets of ruins that would make excellent locations for megadungeons especially for both Terminal Space and Stars Without Numbers 
  2. The whole movie has a "Ten Little Indians" mystery/horror feel to it 
  3. Because of the fear monster encounters in the movie there are opportunities for a DM to introduce new monsters that might never appear in his campaign 
  4. The Psychic force field surrounding the Uranus location makes a great dead man trap for unwary PCs 
  5. Explorer 12 style ships make an excellent class of ship to link Mutant Future and Star Ships and Space men Second edition appearing right before and after a nuclear apocalypse 
  6. Perfect PC film because its not widely known at all. 
  7. The film makes a great mid level Xplorers adventure with plenty to keep the PCs on their toes 
  8. Perfect opportunity to link this adventure with PCs past adventurers ala Q style encounters with past NPCs and others
  9. This adventure can really enable a DM to build upon the past relationships that the PCs have so that they can be explored or exploited later
  10. It has a Brain from Uranus! 


  1. Very cool. Where does the lady in the white fur come in?

  2. "New features and forms begin to appear each time they are imagined by the crew.A village appears,with girls the crews past.None of the crew really question,how these got there"
    In the film there were lovely ladies to tempt the crew with their "Forbidden Desires!" or least get a bunch of teenage boys into the theater. There were a few beauties from the days of yesteryear in Journey to the Seventh Planet.

  3. Lemme just say thanks for doing these write-ups, I'm really enjoying them. Its nice to see that I'm not the only one that likes these movies. In that vein, I might suggest you take a look at Wizard of Mars?

  4. I have seen a Wizard of Mars but haven't gotten to it as of yet. Soon though,as for doing these write ups the pleasure is all mine. There's more coming soon and thanks for the wonderful comment.


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