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1d10 Random Deep Space Encounters Table For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

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1d10 Random Deep Space Encounters Table 
  1. A probe sent by god like aliens with a message of peace but infected with a deadly space slime. Roll save vs disease or poison. A green slime like parasite will crawl off the probe itself. 
  2. A wreck of a space craft slides along hyperspace and the local space time continuum. The thing crawls with sub planar parasites 2 hit points each, 1d3 damage armor class 8. Who knows what treasures are aboard? A weak radio signal issues from within the thing 
  3. A forlorn alien god is looking for a way home and decides to communicate with your party. 
  4. A traveling space caravan is moving through the area and wishes to trade are you open to such a deal? They are offering rare spices and herbs. Actually these are  roving band of ghouls who are looking for new victims. 3 hit points each, 1d4 damage, 7 armor class 
  5. A group of cut throat pirates are aboard an escape pod and running out of fuel, air, and water.Where did they come from and what tales do they have to tell? 
  6. A lone asteroid tumbles through space with its surface pitted with ruins and artificial caverns. Was that movement right over there? Then a board signal blares across the various FTL frequencies for help then all is silenced.. Suddenly and finally. 
  7. A chanting is heard echoing across the void of space in a great variety of frequencies on many channels. Suddenly before you a tentacled monster from the depth of the outer darkness appears. Threatens your party and the space around it enfolds the thing devouring it with the sound of a thousand screams echoing across the psychic planes of your mind! Then they both vanish except for a small metal fragment spinning in space. Further investigation reveals this happened millions of years ago. 
  8. A doorway to another time opens in hyperspace. Dare you take the route through? 
  9. A spinning diamond temple ship dedicated to Azathoh himself appears and then sits silently before you. Will you party enter this megadungeon of fear and insanity? 
  10. A fleet of 30 space destoryers materializes before you demanding that you heave to. They have business with your party.
    They explain that they are from the future and that you must complete a very important mission for them.

File:Weird Tales September 1949.jpg

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