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1d10 Random Ruins Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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1d10 Random Ruins Table

  1. A massive city of ruins floats through space sending out random radio signals. The place has massive damage from blaster fire. This buildings are incredibly ancient and are ringing by weird force projectors now in metallic tatters. The center of the city looks as if something had burst from within. The whole place will read very high in nuclear fuels, metallic remains, and some organic life. There is an air of mystery about the place. 
  2. A small planetoid beams out with incredible pictures of space battles and strange alien races communicating back and forth. The battle was played out thousands of years ago and only now the transmission is reaching your location. The planetoid itself is ringed with the remains of thousands of ancient space craft now having formed a ring of debris around the planet. There are strange reading emitting from the planet and the space craft wrecks who knows what they might contain? 
  3. There are massive 40 ton ships streaking through space destroying anything that they come across. These behemoths from hell are attacking with particle beam weapons anything in their path. A sensor scan reveals that they are in fact robotic destroyers on a pre-programmed mission but something has gone wrong. What guardians or monsters lurk aboard these robotic hellions? 
  4. A strange blue gold probe whizzes by your ship and runs a laser scan and then emits a strange radiation and the blasts a radio signal then departs. The signal reaches a ruined spacecraft that seems to come alive at once. The thing cracks with radiation then shuts down. There are dozens of canisters of valuable fuel on board for the taking or so it seems. 
  5. The ruins of an ancient ether ship from another universe floats silently in the void. The thing is surrounded by planar bat creatures that make their home there. 1d8 of the monsters lay in wait their claws doing 1d4 points of damage but their armor is only 9. The creatures use a nuclear jet as propulsion. 
  6. An ancient space station floats in the void and only a single lone space craft has been docked there for thousands of years. The thing is armed with nuclear missiles and an ancient malevolent A.I itching for a fight. The thing uses holograms to lure space craft to it. The thing is served by 1d6 robotic drone ships. 
  7. An ancient Great Old One uses broken ships and space craft to disguise itself. The 18 hit point behemoth lures space craft with false signals of treasures,fuels, and other exotic cargoes. It is very twisted and attacks by it do 1d8 points of damage. The thing has a 7 armor class and regenerates as a troll. 
  8. An ancient star destoryer floats through space on a mission of the damned. The thing is crewed by 30 zombie troopers who mimic their duties aboard her. Each is 3 hit points does 1d4 points of damage and is only armor class 8 but they are armed with blasters that do 1d3 points of damage with each hit. The ship still has nuclear weapons on board and they can be sold at a decent price. There may be other treasure on board. 
  9. A ship that sails between dimensions is here waiting for your party to take them on another mission for the lords of the Higher Realms. The ship will follow you until you give her captain an answer about your sacred mission from the gods. She can not be destroyed only evaded for a time. 
  10. A planet covered in thousands of ruins races past you and only a faint radio beam hurls out. The faces of the damned peer out from windows on the stations aboard the planet but they are merely ghosts. The planet is a way station for the damned of space waiting to return to some nameless nether hell in the Outer Darkness. There are treasures but the planet will fade from the local space time continuum within 40 hours. 

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