Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Lamia - New Star Ships And Space Men Second Edition Monster


The Lamia
Encountered : 2d4(4d10)
Movement: 120'(40')
Intelligence: Psionic Potential 
Hits : 1d8
Armor: -2
Combat Skill/Save: 
Damage: By Weapon 
Morale :8 
XP : 10,+3 per PSI power
A race of psionic witches that prowls the outreaches of the star lanes. The Lamia feed on the genetic material of lone groups of spacers. Often capturing or luring many human and near human species into their lairs these demoness strip their prey of their vital genetic material working them into neo creations.
They have a passion for using this material as worker clones, warriors, and many others creating creatures. These monsters  serve their vile needs and the needs of their clients. These witches are fond of using heavy stunners,nerve collars, and neuro whips to subdue their prey. The prey is beaten into submission and then fed to a "gene grinder" that renders the poor victim into his vital components.  The witches then process the creature into several types of 1d4 hit creations. These creations will match specific needs of their clients. These monsters can sell in the hundreds of thousands of mega credits.
Lamia replenish their own ranks with captured or kidnapped victims who are mind wiped and given to the psychic torture of senior Lamia. The victims are then subject to the pseudo-psychic religious teachings of the witches. What emerges is a twisted, hateful, vengeful servant of the Evolved. A culture of exploitation and investment where only the genetic potential of the material is king.The mind's power to twist the flesh is the ultimate power. They sometimes track familial lines for thousands of years to follow a particularly desirable trait or genetic drift.
These monsters will often hire out  themselves out as mercenaries with the sole intent of scouting out new markets to exploit.They are always on the lookout for clients to sell their crooked wares to. 

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