Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free PDF Mandate Archive : Scavenger Fleets For Stars Without Number

Mandate Archive: Scavenger Fleets

They forge a path between forgotten worlds, bringing the treasures of foreign suns in exchange for the prices that only earthdwellers can pay. Open this free supplement for the equally free Stars Without Number RPG to learn of the Scavenger Fleets and their age-old trade between the far-flung worlds of humanity. The ruthless heirs of the Scream's shattered fleets, these ships will go anywhere and do anything to turn the profit they need to keep flying.
You'll find a history of the Scavenger Fleets in the Stars Without Number world, along with example fleets, tables for generating your own bands of nomadic scavenger-merchants, and a selection of new hulls and ship fittings to tantalize your players.
("But where," you demand, "are my tools for mercantile campaigns and star-faring traders?" To this, I can only counsel continued vigilance. Your needs are not forgotten, and even now strange things brew for your future delectation.)

Finally a bit of information on the Free Traders who appear in the Stars Without Numbers universe! This ten page pdf is free and while do love the selection of stuff here. I do wish they had offered a bit more in the way of solid ideas on some of this. However its free and there are new hull types and ideas of incorporating some of the example fleets.As well as tables for generating your own bands of nomadic scavenger-merchants which are solid and very welcome in my own campaign of SWN.
You can download the pdf book right over HERE for free.


  1. Sir, I just released a standalone game based on my Terminal Space and I thought you may be interested :-)
    More details here:

  2. Love the cover! Fantastic! Can't wait to get my hands on it! 140 pages! Nice stuff!


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