Thursday, January 24, 2013

1d20 Random Space Station Encounters and NPC Hirelings Table For Your Old School Opera

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Random Space Station Encounters  and NPC Hirelings Table
  1. A group of 1d4 cyber drovers bring their heads of space cattle to market. Looking for a fair price, they have 1d6 random minor artifacts that they've found. Willing to trade 
  2. Miners with a tow ship looking for work and adventure. 2nd level PCs 
  3. A Bounty hunter looking for a bounty. Willing to hire on with adventurers for a time 3rd level fighter
  4. Alchemist guild member look to unload a cargo of chemicals and some hot items 
  5. Navigators looking for adventure and a lost guild member. Actually a cult of doomsday fanatics. 3rd level assassins 
  6. Psychic master and 1d4 students looking to book passage on a ship and to sell some cheap primitive artworks 
  7. Master engineer looking for a new ship. Actually a major psycho killer looking to escape a bounty. 
  8. Alien assassin/acrobat disguised as an entertainer. 4th level bard and acrobat actually a 5th level assassin. Only kills for profit 
  9. Face dancer metamorph and her lover looking to escape their cult. 4th level and disguised as cooks 
  10. Alien Master gambler looking to make an easy mark on a group of fools. Knows 344 games of chance. 2nd level fighter with gamblers kit including weapons 
  11. Biomechanical AI android warrior of the logical way.Selling his services for passage. 3rd level fighter and thief 
  12. Traveling priest/scientist looking for passage and work. Writing a book on spacers and the parasites that infect them 
  13. Alien Bounty hunter guild agent looking for new recruits and looking to hire.Looking to take on 1d8 adventurers. 
  14. A licensed AI looking passage and adventure. Actually an escaped rogue looking to get as far a way from his handlers as possible. Will infect any robots present to survive 
  15. Map Seller/Conman looking to unload some alien maps. 40% chance of a real treasure map among the crap 
  16. Alien star law man looking to avenge his partner and hire others for his worthy cause. 4th level psychic 
  17. Psychic healer abhuman tribal willing to trade skills for passage. 5th level psychic. 
  18. Star ship pilots quite drunk who are looking to star fights with others. 1d8 captains and crew.2nd level fighters who are actually shanghaiing any spacers they can get
  19. A group of pleasure androids 1d8 willing to "work" for passage. Actually corporate AI gathering intel and data on spacers. Will stun and psychically rape and spacers they come across. Then they will create an FTL transmission and escape to the next group of rubes 
  20. A boy 1st level fighter, an old man psychic 7th level and two robots are seeking passage. They are being pursued by a menacing galactic empire. Will work as hireling for a time. 
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