Saturday, January 26, 2013

1d10 Random NPC Adventurer Encounters Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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1d10 Random NPC Adventurer Encounters Table
  1. A Space Princess 4th level fighter on a mission to save her father. With a 1st level fighter and a pair of droids. Looking for adventurers to hire
  2. A Grizzled Bounty Hunter 8th level looking for a group of felons who are wanted by a galactic empire. This group of psychopaths has murdered millions. 
  3. A rampaging space lizard adventurer wounded and alone is dying and needs to pass vital information of military importance on. He's got 500 credits and a planetary sector. That's it and good luck
  4. A pair of service droids are actually murderous outlaws. This pair of nasties are actually 5 hit point, 7 armor class monsters with plasma weapons that do 1d4 points of damage. They're on the lamb and very dangerous. There's a 600 credit reward for their capture. 
  5. An escaped harlot from a brothel is actually a 4th level fighter trying to get back to her people. She has a purse of 400 credits and is willing to trade client information for passage 
  6. A miner from beyond space and time is looking for adventurers to help in the quest for lost nuclear fuels and lost alien technologies. He's willing to cut you in on the profits. Is he a conman or the real deal? 
  7. A group of  7th level alien psychics is looking for fighters to help them free their people from a brutal mega corporation. Willing to pay in equipment and credits 
  8. A desperate group of pirates is looking for patsies to blame their latest crime on . They will try to grab the PCs and shove them on board their ship where the authorities will find them with the loot. They may even try to get the reward. 
  9. A Military dictator is trying to regain his empire and is looking for adventurers to help him. He's a secret map, resources, and a ship waiting are you ready to go? 
  10. A xeno archaeologist is looking for a group of adventurers to help him on a dangerous quest for a lost cosmic treasure. A group of 1d10 bounty hunters is after him can you help or claim the 5000 credit reward?


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