Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Book 1 of "Legends of an Honorable Mage" Jennell Jaquays Cover Art Kick Starter

This looks like an excellent kickstarter for a fascinating book and the excellent art of Jennell Jaquays 
For those of us who aren't in the table top fantasy rpg know the name of Jennell Jaquays is one of the legends in the business. From her work on a wide variety of TSR to the iconic Judges Guild products Ms. Jaquay's work speaks for itself. Now we've got an incredible kickstarter featuring her work.
The premise looks very interesting,from the Kickstarter page: 
Lectricis® Publishing is getting ready to publish the first book of Rachel Oranger's new trilogy, Legends of an Honorable Mage.  (Rachel Oranger is a pseudonym used by the author.)  We're here to create the cover art, and we would like to work with Jennell Jaquays.  Some of her work is shown in the video.
Jennell Jaquays is an illustrator with 15 years of experience with computer games.  She has also done covers for Dragonlance anthologies, among other game cover work.
Our goal is $3,400, which would yield approximately $3,060 after Kickstarter-related fees. Jennell's initial quote was $2,500, depending upon complexity. This leaves a margin of roughly $560 for the cost of backer rewards and shipping. This is a slim margin when one considers the shipping costs for poster tubes and heavy books.  We are hoping to exceed the goal and add physical books to lower reward tiers.  (This paragraph was updated 12/29/12 in recognition of the update posted the same day.)
 The rewards go from there. Please take a moment to take a look at the author and artist kickstarter page. If you'd like to see this a reality then please pledge.  They've only got fifteen days to go. So please go take a look right over Here.

Update on the backing incentives: if you back the project at $9.00 or higher, you'll get an ebook of the finished novel! $24 or more gets you that, the wall poster of the cover art and also a desktop wallpaper version of the image. Go get 'em, people! 


  1. Thank you for this mention. The author is currently making some adjustments to the reward levels that should make investing in this project much more ... uh ... rewarding. :D -- Jennell

  2. You are welcome Jennell! There's more coverage about this kickstarter coming up. So keep me informed about it! Lets get this one off the ground! Thanks for stopping by!


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