Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1d20 Random Spacers, Rogues, And Rascals Employers Table

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1d20 Random Spacers, Rogues, And Rascals Employers Table

  1. 4th level fighter/Space Captain looking for crewmen for a bold, daring, adventure in the furthest reaches of space. 
  2. Deep space ruin explorers looking to trade hot artifacts for passage. Bounty hunters on their tails 
  3. Spice merchant looking for agents to scout out new markets and he pays on commission
  4. High frontier spacers who have lost their space craft are for "investors" and are willing to trade passage. 
  5. A group of conmen are working the location your at for a quick profit in a "gas to cash" con. They also sell maps to fabulous wealth and adventure 
  6. A lone face dancer is acting as an agent for his troup and looking to escape after a bungled assassination 
  7. Ex bounty hunter guild members are looking for "hardened" adventurers for a revenge coup on the guild willing to pay "top dollar" if you can collect 
  8. A psychic assassin 8th level is looking for a party for a job and more 
  9. A group of 1d8 spacers (actually space pirates) are looking for a new ship to use on a job and then one they can dump 
  10. A soldier of fortune is looking for a party to help him with a treasure map he's acquired in his adventures. His stories of adventures and jobs actually yield more adventure hooks as well. 
  11. A fifth level fighter good with knives and hand to hand is looking for employment and to act as a body guard for adventurers 
  12. A group of 1d8 thieves/ruin explorers is looking to trade favors for cash. They are a small registered group of explorers 
  13. An artifact trader is looking to trade and buy artifacts and may 60% have a job for your party 
  14. Hyper space engineer willing to work at half rate must leave the area in a hurry. He has a dark secret. But is willing to invest 400 credits in a party 
  15. A group of alien psychics are looking a curse and a planar demon. They have a thousand credits and are looking to get out of the location as fast as possible 
  16. A union boss is looking for workers for a gas giant mining operation that has had several "safety accidents" 
  17. A retired space captain are looking for adventurers for an expedition and treasure hunt to an ancient alien fortress. Willing to pay double rate for adventurers and hirelings but you must leave right away 
  18. An alien hunter is searching for his prey and is looking for hirelings 
  19. A spacing guild agent is looking to sell some used space craft and looking  for salvage runners to check some out 
  20. A weirding way master is looking for adventurers to help him with a quest and is looking for a few good men 

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