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Queen Of Outer Space For Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition Actual Play

Under the So completely bad that's its good category is Queen Of Outer Space. The movie has achieved a cult like status among sci fi fans and was one of the top contenders in this afternoon's most horrible movie that we've subject ourselves to while we played Star ships and Spacemen Second edition. 

Basically I took the very basic plot of "Queen of Outer Space" and filled it in with some S&S second edition pulpy ideas. The reused props from "Forbidden Planet" gave me the idea that the United Planets expedition to Venus stumbled upon a colony of Atlan survivors ruled over by a counsel of lich queens.


The party was investigating the earlier disappearance of an Atomic Rocket Ship expedition from twenty years earlier. I used the fact that the planet was ruled by clones of the original Atlan women. 

The "plot" according to Wiki: 
Capt. Patterson (Eric Fleming) and his space crew (Dave WillockPatrick Waltz, andPaul Birch) crash land on Venus and are captured. They learn the planet is under the dictatorship of cruel Queen Yllana (Laurie Mitchell), a masked woman who has banished men from the planet. In the palace, the astronauts are aided by a beautiful courtier named Talleah (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and her friends (Lisa DavisBarbara Darrow, and Marilyn Buferd). The women long for the love of men again and plot to overthrow the evil Queen. When Patterson has the opportunity to remove the Queen's mask, he discovers she has been horribly disfigured by radiation burns caused by men and their wars. In a fury, the Queen decides to destroy Earth and its warlike peoples but she dies in the attempt. The Venusians are free again to enjoy the love of men.

The film recycled many ideas such as a planet ruled by women from other science fiction films of the era as Abbott and Costello Go to MarsCat-Women of the Moon (both 1953) and the British Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1955). Queen of Outer Space also recycled many props and costumes, most prominently the C-57D crewmen's uniforms and Altaira's wardrobe from Forbidden Planet (1956),[2]models, sets, and special effects from Bernds's World Without End (1956), the usual stock footage of an Atlas and a rocketship model used by The Bowery Boys in Paris Playboys (1954) that was co-written by Bernds and Ullman. The facial makeup of the deformed Queen strongly resembles the effect of being hit by a pie thrown by The Three Stooges.

Unmasking The Queen

The PCs thought that this was going to be a cake walk with the "ladies" being fairly easy pushovers. Couple of the PCs got themselves in trouble with the native "Clone Spiders" 

The swift application of blasters rendered the creatures null and void thankfully for the crew. They began to wonder who was providing some of the mental powers that allowed the "ladies" to use the spiders as guards. Even while the ladies remained friendly the party was on constant alert.

Those United Planet training skill packages sure come in handy. 

Party ran afoul pf the troops of  Queen Yllana. The Venusians count as "Space Men" page 73 of the S&S second edition rules. The troops gave the PCs quite the hard time and chased them into the Atlan underworld of Venus.

The PCs were not quite taken with the mega dungeon that ran under the Atlan colony. There were miles of tunnels and they finally made their way to an underground car that took them to the domed city of the ladies. 

THe PCs were aided by a beautiful courtier named Talleah (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and her friends (Lisa DavisBarbara Darrow, and Marilyn Buferd).

Only to be betrayed to the evil queen by a spy among their ranks. 

The party was brought before the council of lich queens and the charisma rolls started. One of the party was going to curry the favor of cruel Queen Yllana

The party learned that the earlier expediation had been rendered down to bio material and filed away in the clone banks of  Yllana 

The party was to be executed in the morning and the Earth destroyed by these harpy women from hell. 

With several of the Atlan women's help the PCs managed to escape deep into the Venusian underworld.
There they found some of the forbidden secrets of the cruel lich queen. A Krell laboratory left behind thousands of years ago was still in operation. 
 With some clever blaster fire and a bit of luck the PCs managed to escape in time and grabbed several lady companions. They were able to cripple the Venusian warrior women's empire and grab some cool Krell artifacts.


Encountered: 2d4 (5d10)
Movement: 120' (40') 
Intelligence: Average
Psionic Potential: 3d4, inactive
Hits: 1d8+1
Armor: -2
Combat Skill: 12
Save: L1
Attacks: 1
Damage: By weapon
Morale: 10
XP: 15
The remains of the once great colonies of Atlantis and the inner Earth have existed upon the face of Venus for thousands of years. Ruled by their immortal lich queen council this once mighty race of warrior women is now a mere shadow of itself. They have tread upon the relics of the Krell that have allowed them to maintain a strangle hold on their citizens. The race has continued to exist by using cloning and test tube births to foster their numbers 

They are known throughout the solar system as a race of desperate peoples with terrible fashion sense and a hair trigger with a blaster. With the introduction of Earth genes the race may have a chance to maintain any decent level of civilization and technology. 

The Venusian Clone Women For Swords and Wizardry 

Because of their genetic manipulated heritage the average Venusian gains +1 to their intelligence, +2 To charisma and a +1 to Dexterity. They have a natural immunity to disease but take an extra die of damage from radiation and other strange energies. They gain a +1 when identifying any artifact of an alien technological nature due to their advanced minds.

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