Thursday, January 10, 2013

1d20 Random Space Station/Star Port Encounters For Stars Without Numbers Or Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

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1d20 Random Space Station/Star Port Encounters Table 
  1. Grizzled corporate veteran looking for the cheapest party of adventurers for a job. 
  2. An antique combat cyborg warrior looking for passage to Vega to see his family. They're in danger from a foreign plot 
  3. Nervous adventurers looking to unload a cache of alien artifacts and unknown weapons from the Chasm 
  4. An alien robot looking for one last job to go out in a blaze of glory 
  5. A group of gun runners whose clients paid them but were destroyed. They have to unload the merchandise or else 
  6. A tinker dealing in robots and probes looking for agents for new markets 
  7. A metal dealer looking for asteroid miners and rare Earth metal debris is taking new clients on. 
  8. A group of Vegan warriors/mercs are looking for others to help fight in a nasty protracted system war. 
  9. A Traveler is looking for others to help him map a sector of space known as the Chasm 
  10. A dealer in relics from the Chasm is looking for agents to help him in a new venture. 
  11. The Union of  Spheres is looking for other mercs to help out on the front lines and they pay well 
  12. A group of refugees is looking for passage out of the system right now and they have only trade goods with them. 
  13. A droid begging for parts watches the crowd for some one or something. He's actually a fully functioning information broker droid and willing to trade with anything 
  14. A war bot veteran is spinning tales of the great battles he has fought in for 10 credits a story. Some of these stories are current 
  15. A group of zero gee acrobats are preforming and pan handling. They are actually some of the most deadly assassins out there. They will kill for a price 
  16. An alien book maker is taking odds on the local interstellar conflicts and will make good on the real long shots. Can tell the mark about the forces of both sides 
  17. A water and food seller is surrounded by crowds and selling food at hundreds of credits inflated prices. His agents approach your group.
  18. A mercenary medical droid is selling its services to the highest bidder and has three other agents working the crowd. One approaches your group 
  19. A group of travelers is looking for passage on the next flight out. Didn't you see their pictures on a near by wanted poster? 
  20. A group of adventurers from a primitive plane is looking for passage to the next star system. They look very shifty especially that "wizard" of theirs. One of them approaches you. 
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