Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Shout Out - Curse of the Weaver Queen by Tim Kask

Always on the lookout for some early 80's and late 70's  adventure gaming vibe this caught my eye.

This one just hit the shelves this week and I'm going to be reviewing a copy of it and running it. This looks very nice with a lethal rating of 80%, it looks to be quite the dungeon delve. There's a campaign introduction feel to this one. 
The intro tells a bit of the background.
The lunar goddess Arianhrod presides over the great wheel of life. But centuries ago, some saw the Wheel as a Web: a spider's web. And so began the Cult, and so it has festered, hidden, malignant... waiting.
Now they come scuttling out of the dunes at night, silent and deadly. Only a very lucky few have survived the ravaging horde. The bugs. The huge spiders. The Gatherers, taking what is man's and returning to their lair.
That area of the dunes is strange. You'll see. You can find it easily. And with luck, you may live to tell the tale.

I've been happy with the talent behind this company. The classic 'old school' dungeons from industry legends has been fresh and with some suitable twists and turns.Many of the products are generic, usable with all FRP games. The style is from the early days of role-playing, the 1970s. I would expect this to be no less cool. Snakeriders of the Aradondo was very well done and also served as an introduction into the campaign world of Tim Kask and this one should show us a wee bit more of that world. 
Here's a bit more of the introduction into Curse of the Weaver. 

The temple of a forgotten cult lies in the midst of a forbidding desert.  It conceals the tragedy of a young girl cursed for centuries to a fate far worse than death.
The cult has all but disappeared; that which fostered it now protects itself with armies of insects grown to monstrous proportions by the essence of that which resides within: pervasive, malignant, and evil.
This stand-alone adventure will easily drop into your existing game. It is designed for exploration by 2 or more characters of moderate level, supplied with moderate magical equipment.
But let's be honest.  Let your guard down, for even a brief moment, and you're likely dead.
46 pages - perfect bound
Fatality Rating: 8 skulls/80%
MSRP: $14.95
46 pages 80% fatality rating.
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Check out a sample from the PDF

The front cover artwork looks very early 80's with this creature. I like it. Very evocative of the desert setting and gives nothing away.

One thing I find remarkable odd is this expression on the spider/monster/girl's face. Not so much aggression or madness but a look of absolute shame and regret that she's been transformed. I'll dive into this one tomorrow. 

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