Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review Curse of the Weaver Queen - Tim Kask

Tim Kask's latest efforts have come to the light and given birth to a very nasty spider cult.
The basic plot runs something like this: 
The lunar goddess Arianhrod presides over the great wheel of life. But centuries ago, some saw the Wheel as a Web: a spider's web. And so began the Cult, and so it has festered, hidden, malignant... waiting.
Now they come scuttling out of the dunes at night, silent and deadly. Only a very lucky few have survived the ravaging horde. The bugs. The huge spiders. The Gatherers, taking what is man's and returning to their lair.
That area of the dunes is strange. You'll see. You can find it easily. And with luck, you may live to tell the tale.
Curse of the Weaver Queen uses a generic language compatible with any set of fantasy Rolepleying rules. It is a stand-alone adventure and will easily drop into any existing campaign.

Alright the entire adventure weights in at 46 pages and seems like a great read through. I went through it in about a night and it got me thinking about DMing this as an adventure for a group of players.
The module is well written and concise. The details are there for an over arching campaign if the DM wishes. This module is one that introduces new takes on existing AD&D or OD&D monsters. Gives a solid punch to the gut for parties and tells the tale of its plot.
The thing is lethal and while it can be set with any fantasy game in mind this one is meant to work with an old school 70's OD&D or AD&D first edition group.
As I said this is a mini campaign in 46 pages and bring extra character sheets to the table. Serious the body count is going to be high as the PCs kill themselves. 
The desert setting is very well done and personally I'm thinking of breaking out Al Quim to run this one. It made me think of Saturday morning movies on Channel 61 out of New York on cable. 

Maps are very well done and you get quite a bit of bang for your buck if you should want to re-purpose these for other adventures. Alot of DMs do just this sort of thing or if you wanted to run an aftermath adventure with this one.
The entire back story is well constructed and this one seems to go right into Tim Kask's campaign work. Which someday will appear in another product by these folks or in the pages of Gygax magazine.
The module could be used for an old school swords and sorcery campaign as well. Along the lines of   Marvel's Conan. This might work well with Crypts and Things or another "Sinbad" style campaign. 

This isn't the sort of an adventure if your a DM who doesn't want to run something with a bit of everything. Dungeon crawling, treasure seeking, a bit of intrigue and a large dash of adventure are all a part of this one.
This one to me is worth the price of admission. Your mileage may vary. Tim Kask did an excellent job with this one in my humble opinion. Pack your bags boys we heading to the deep desert.
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