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1d10 Ruin of The Cosmic Ones & Random Planet Ten Finds Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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"This ruined out post on the outer edge of the known Terran solar system was torn away with the cosmic destruction of Planet Ten. It is only recently that the space time warp opened within the planar schism and allowed a team to complete a survey of the Earth like planetoid. The team hasn't be heard from within the last thirty days. A new survey team is assembling."  
Dr. Wengorth Institute for Xeno archaeological studies
From time to time many other finds from the Ruins of the Cosmic Ones and their role over twenty billion years ago with the conflict are still being assessed. At this time other hyper spacial cross dimensional tears have been created across the local space time continuum. A horde of cosmically powered artifacts have been seen showing up across the black markets of interstellar space. Agents must exercise extreme caution around these treasures from beyond the sphere of mankind.  Some are valued in the thousand if not millions of credits to the right buyer or collector.
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 Random Planet Ten  Finds Table 

  1. A statue of an unknown god carbon scorched and pitted. It has a faint radioactive signature. Creates a bubble of artificial gravity for 1d8 rounds and able to move 200 pounds. 
  2. A copper plate covered in hieroglyphs able to summon a demon of the Outer Darkness. 1d8 hit points, AC7, 1d4 acidic attack. Not controllable at all. No command word or control glyph 
  3. A ruined piece of fabric with the words Banzai stitched into it. 
  4. A strange mechanism which is actually part of a hyperspace engine and capable of generating a random teleport spell. The target will be teleported into the depths of interstellar space and die instantly leaving behind the artifact. 
  5. Portable reality generator set to level 43 and when played with will transform the PCs into their simian ancestors for 1d4 rounds. The effect will burn out the mechanism and shake up the PCs for 1d8 rounds stunning them. 
  6. A scarab like thing that is actually part of an installer nav beacon. The thing will reveal 1d3 star maps as holograms. Psionically powered and very delicate. 
  7. Small god statue that will transform itself into the likeness of whomever is looking or handling it. The thing will record the deepest desires of the target and it has millions of them including some alien. Priceless to a telepath or psychic.
  8. This piece of clay like stuff is actually a high yield carbon hyperspace engine in portable form. The thing will change the alignment of anyone handling it. They will not let it go and try to steal the nearest space craft to install the thing and leave the local system. A PC is allowed multiple saving throws to get the artifact's malevolent intelligence from his head however. 
  9. The Thing - This is a multi tool locked into one shape. Should a wisdom or intelligence roll be made in the thing's presence it will become the most valuable object the character has ever seen. This thing is actually the equivalent of a cosmic wretch. Its actually useless. Men will kill for it, nations will go to war over it, and no one will ever know all of its secrets. 
  10. This teleportation device will randomly send the PCs to an unknown world perhaps Altar IV or Carcosa or beyond. Unless a save vs death is made to avoid the teleport field. 

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