Saturday, February 23, 2013

1d10 Space Alien Encounters Table For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

1d10 Flying Saucer Encounters Table 

  1. 1d8 Group of faceless aliens is looking to collect specimens and guess whose elected. Armed with bio stat pistols that act as heavy stunners and bio bags they're collecting as many as they can. 3 hit points Armor class 8 1d3 hit points of damage, 1d4 blasters 40 yard range 
  2. 1d20 Hivers 2 hit points AC 7 small blue insectiods with biotechnological blasters (1d4 4 shots, range 10 yards) and a bad attitude. They want your space suits, ship, and you for some unexplained agenda 
  3. 1d10 Greys with insect eyes are looking to kidnap you for some reason. The Greys are armed with neutron beamers. 3 hit points each, AC 8, 1d6 damage from beamers (20 yard range) 
  4. A gang of aliens with green skin and dressed in purple tights is out to shrink down and collect anyone they come across. The shrink rays work unless a successful save is rolled. There are eight aliens, 3 hit points each, AC 8,Blasters  Damage -1d4, 30 yard range And shrink ray. They have a 20 hit point saucer near by. 
  5. Large Grey Humanoids In Silver Space Suits - There are only five of these 6 hit point bastard but they mean business. They're armed with heavy blasters 1d6 points of damage twenty yard range and they've an AC of 7. They have a cargo hauler saucer and are collecting specimens for some reason. The saucer is 30 hit points and armed with a two blaster cannons 1d8 points of damage. 
  6. Twelve foot tall glowing alien giant appears. This 6 hit dice monster grabs and electrocutes those he captures for 1d4 points of damage. This thing doesn't respond to questions and has an AC of 7. He will disappear within 1d4 rounds. 
  7. This 4 hit point ball of glowing energy appears within your ship and proceeds to lock into all available computer systems downloading your systems entire contents. It will attack with a weird ionic pulse beam for 1d6 points of damage. Then it will disappear in puff of smoke.  
  8. An astronaut from the twentieth century appears and screams only 1d3 rounds later two silver clad grey humanoid guards appear behind him and vanishes with him. There is a trace of a transporter like device that was used. 
  9. A strange Grey octopus like monster appears wounded and bleeds a contact poison all over your decks. The thing seems in deep trouble and dies moments later. Two Grey/Green aliens arrive.The open up upon you with Zeta Beams.  2 hit dice each,AC 8, Zeta Beam Guns 1d4 damage 20 yard range, four shots each. The wounded alien is radioactive as well and does 1d3 points of damage to everyone within a thirty yard range. 
  10. 1d8 Green/Grey bruisers are aboard your ship. These 5 hit dice monsters are armed with heavy stunners and zapping anyone they come across. They have the equivlant of hill giant strength and are moving on antigrav boots. The don't speak but move very quickly to subdue anyone they come across. AC 6 and they have a transport ship nearby. 20 hit dice saucer.


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