Monday, February 4, 2013

Forbidden Planet Blaster Rifle For Stars Without Number


Dam  Range In Meters  Cost  Magazine Attribute  Tech
2d8*       50/100           500    30            Dex         4
* these weapons can use burst fire. A burst gains +2 to hit and damage and uses up three rounds of ammunition. 
Used extensively by the United Planets Forces these blaster rifles were the back bone of the service and saw heavy action during the first wave of human expansion into the cosmos.
These rifles can be manufactured by any technology level four civilization and the plans for them have spread across the universe and beyond. With no recoil and easy of use these weapons are still seeing small scale manufacture even today. There are endless varieties of these weapons and they have been seen in many alien hands.
The weapons have a checkered history among colonists and United Planet forces. The reliability, easy of use, and extensive parts availability make this blaster one of the best chooses among colonists the universe over. 

Rules For SWN
As with all energy weapons the user gains +1 to hit. The United Planets Blaster rifle takes a standard Type A energy cell. 

This post inspired by the Original Forbidden Planet Movie. Everything here is fan based and not meant as a threat to the trade mark or copyright of MGM or the owners of these fantastic props. 


  1. I always like the look of the uniforms in that movie. The whole look of the designs, props, insignias, and the vary ship is what I like to see in sci-fi.

    I had to look into where that list of ranks came from and I found the post were it was originated ( Further posts seems to make corrections and additional notes about the ranks and titles.

  2. That is a snazzy looking weapon.

  3. Thanks for the reference point Malcadon! Glad you like em and we've got more United Planets action coming up! Thanks for the great comments.

    Trey isn't it an iconic weapon. Its one of my all time favorites! Thanks for the great comment.

    Glad you like em John! We've got more coming up.

  4. I'm working on the ship from "Forbidden Planet" this afternoon and it should be ready either tonight over tomorrow. Glad you like the "Planet" stuff.


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