Monday, February 11, 2013

Five Bio -Organic "Treasures" For Your Old School Space Opera

Five Bio -Organic "Treasures" 
Arm Tendril Gauntlet - This bio organic flesh app merges with the flesh of its user and adds +3 to all "sense" rolls, the user also develops a highly tuned danger sense able to pick up the faintest hostile intentions, finally the user is able to make a tendril attack for 1d4 points of damage in a 40 yard range. This flesh app lowers Charisma by -3 and - 1 on wisdom as the constant flow of information takes its toll on the user's brain. 
Bedren Eye Sensor Implant - This flesh app merges with the visual organs of the human or near human skull. With precise bio organic alteration the app takes the place of the human eyes. The user has instant access to the wizard's eye spell, 360 degree ultravision, infravision, and limited telepathy. The user is able to read surface thoughts 3 times per day within line of sight. - 4 charisma and -1 wisdom as the constant flow of information never stops. Even while the user is sleeping this app feeds the mind. 
Outer God Tissue Implant - Taken from the left over flesh of a minor Outer God. This flesh app allows the user to heal and regenerate as a troll. The tissue invades the user's mind and allows the user to travel into the Outer Void for 2 rounds. The tissue also retreads the user's nervous system allowing for a +1 on Dex rolls. Once per week the user may cast one 2nd level wizard spell. After 1d4 months the tissue will consume the user and merge with the Outer God that it came from. 
Inbetweener Implant - This grey green flesh app is implanted near the base of the spine and allows the user to pass walls twice per day. He may teleport without error once per day and navigate the Outer Darkness allowing him to make a dimensional jump once per week. The user however after 4 months of constant use of the flesh app become lunch for the 5 hit dice Inbetweener. 
Recca Launcher - This bio organic gun will merge with the flesh of the user and has a 40 yard range. It does 1d3 points of damage per round as its bio organic acidic bullets tear through flesh with easy. It does two points of damage to the user every 3 times its used as the gun consumes blood, tissue, and a bit of life force.  -2 charisma as the gun never leaves the user's forearm. 

"Thing" Guardian Dog 
Number Appearing : 1d4
Hit Points 6 
Armor Class : 8 
Damage : 1d4 bite with a 40% of bio infect 
1d6 acidic tendril attack 
Special : Regenerates as Troll
Save : F3 
Moral : 8 
XP : 50

Bio organic flesh apps have been appearing in many fringe interstellar areas. They have become something of a fad among cultists of the Outer Gods and worse. The implant/apps have been outlawed on many human worlds and the penalty for their ownership is death or life sentence in a pain box. This has not stopped many from taking advantage of this forbidden technology. Many bio organic flesh implants fetch several thousand credits when they come on the open market. There are many harmless knockoffs making the rounds. 

All images are subject to their copyright holders and trademarks. They come from the 1982 movie The Thing by John Carpenter. 


  1. I'm glad you put the term "treasure" in quotes! Great stuff, Eric!

  2. Glad you liked em Trey more bio organic madness coming up. Thanks for the comment!


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