Friday, February 22, 2013

Further Update For Ernie Gygax's Fire

Hey folks, Luke Gygax said it would be okay to share this. 


you have probably heard through friends, forums and facebook; Ernie suffered a terrible loss Sunday when his residence caught fire. We are very fortunate that Ernie, Scott (his roommate) and KC (Ernie's dog) were able to get out of the house without injury. Unfortunately the fire spread so quickly that they were unable to save any of their possessions. The fire, smoke and water damage destroyed almost all of the items in the house including clothing, electronics, computers, family photos and tragically his games and gaming related memorabilia. A fire is devastating under any circumstances, but in Ernie's case it is exacerbated by the fact that he is currently unable to work due to health reasons and is on a limited income. Tim Kask, Jayson Elliot and I are working on establishing a way to donate to a fund and we will put out that information through facebook and the Gygax Magazine website.

The staff at Gary Con (Chris, Dale and me) wants to do something to help as well. We will raise money to assist Ernie through the Gary Con Auction this year. We need your help to make this auction a success and get Ernie back on his feet. If you have something special that we could offer in the auction, please consider donating it to the cause. Even if you are not attending this year it would be a boon to have something mailed to us for the auction. Items that have raised a significant amount in the past have been original manuscripts, limited run or DM copies of modules, original or signed artwork/posters, VIP run private gaming sessions and rare out of print games.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration of this request and thank you in advance for your generosity. If you are able to donate anything, please email me with a description of the item so I can build a list and promote the auction.

Best Regards,

Luke Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.

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