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Tuthmonaro- The Trading Post To Oblivion For Your Old School Space Opera

Tuthmonaro is a trading post and "gold rush" style trading post built within the bowels of the ancient space fortresses that line the chasm. It takes in whatever and whomever it can before the "Crossing" out into the void. 
File:Merchants from Holland and the Middle East trading..jpg
Tuthmonaro isn't simply another center of scum and villainy its a sanctuary to start life again and gain a fresh beginning on another world far from the reach of the "Corporates"
The place does however attract its share of desperate characters and the usual fourth rate spacers as well as the money lenders of the corporations. Each is looking to make a quick profit from the misery that seems to come with each new transport.

Trade goods and the most exotic of treasures pass through the place's blast doors as holo-skies portray the illusions of day and night. 
File:The chowk and market-place at Kankhal, 1814.jpg
The Grand Bazaar supports all of the usual spacing guilds and the United Planets has three separate offices as well as a small garrison of officers, crew, and personnel to over see the chaos that is the place. There are over eight hundred shops and services going on in a city the size of  nineteen thirties New York.
File:The Moore Market .jpg
Tuthmonaro also boasts a number of ferro/plascrete  manufactured buildings that are exact duplicates of those found on Old Earth. Please contact your local Facsimile dealer for details. Many of the details are taken from three or four Old Earth cultures to add to the distinctive and uniqueness of each of the quarters. 
 Many exotic spices and cargoes not found in Earth space are readily available here. The regulations are rather lack allowing a flourishing trade in such strange and unusual meats and spices such as the flesh of the Giant Aquatic Centipede(cloned of course and fresh) and the various members of the Black Lotus family.
 The real money of course is in terraforming and planetary engineering. The finest guild members all flock to this station. They even bring their families and settle for temporary housing. 

File:Sir Charles D'Oyly - Street in Patna - Google Art Project.jpg
The opulence of Tuthmonaro is renowned in seven systems and only the finest accommodations will do.With over 22 levels even the most desperate spacer is allowed food, air, and lodging as bodies are always needed for work. 

The Blades Of Tuthmonaro
Some of the finest molecular blade smiths of Old Earth can be found applying their centuries old craft with only a portable fusion generator and the tools of the trade. 
Fig. 1. Dagger from India, called khouttar, Fig. 2,3,9,11,23 and 24. Indian daggers with strengthened, rippled blades. Nos. 3,9,11, and 23 have the handle made of ivory, enriched with enameled ornaments. Dagger No. 24 has the handle in the form of a horse-head. It is made of a crystal-rock embellished with enamel. The blades of the luxury daggers are embellished with gold. Fig. 6. Dagger from India slightly projecting from its sheath. The handle is made of green jade, artistically formed. Fig. 10 and 18. These are oriental daggers, made by a Paris company of M. Henri Lepage. Fig. 19 and 20. Indian daggers. The handle has raised design, the sheath has wide furrows. Fig. 22. Dagger from Persia with a cord made of weaved gold threads. Fig. 15. Dagger from Turkey shown inserted in its sheath. Fig. 5. Sword from India, with the blade serrated on both sides. The handle is made of wood. Fig. 8. Sword from India. It has a flat blade and transversal grip, embellished with a round-shaped armband. In India, this sword is considered already an ancient type of sword. Fig. 4. Sabre from India with a curved blade, steel grip covered with plain gold. Fig. 5. Indian saber. Drawn half-way from its silver sheath. The blade is slightly curved, the cross-guard is hook-shaped, made of finely chiseled silver. The end of the grip is in the form of an animal's head. Fig. 13. Indian saber with curved blade and sharp, saw-like teeth. The grip is embellished with inlay silver. The pommel is in the shape of a small disc. Fig. 12. Indian execution saber. Large and strong Damascus blade, rather rude. This saber weighs almost 13 lbs. Fig. 21. A Special weapon from Nepal called Koukri kora. The blade is hook-shaped, especially at the end, ending with in sharp points. The grip has two discs at both ends. The sheath for this arm is quite large, made of wood. clothed in red velvet. Fig. 14. Old Indian rifle with match-striking fire mechanism. Beautiful barrel inlaid with silver. The grip, made of wood, is lacquered, embellished with gold. Gig. 16. and 17. Shafted weapons made entirely of steel, with reliefs, embellished in gold."
There is a mono or vibro weapon of each of the above weapons and the various schools of their martial skills practicing on the station. Each of these schools supplies both corporate armies and the United Planets forces found on the station. The occasional adventurer must pay his way in blood,sweat, and tears in these schools. 

1d10 Tuthmonaro Random Encounters 
File:Théodore Gudin-Combat d'un vaisseau français et de deux galères barbaresques mg 5063.jpg

  1. A group of  spacers looking for a new crew and willing to pay top dollar for a scout with psi abilities. The spacers have a bounty hunter after them and need to leave quickly. 
  2. A member of the terraforming guild looking for a group of adventurers willing to risk all to find an alien treasure world within the Chasm. 
  3. A star ship salesman looking to recruit adventurers to test an alien hyperspace vehicle that his company recently acquired
  4. An Interzone merchant looking to sell some of his wares including the Black Meat and over exotic spices. 
  5. A group of space pirates that are looking to book passage and start a new life. They wish to sell their pirate star ship and charter. There are eight guild bounty hunter looking to make good on the reward. 
  6. A group of mercs is looking to make a quick score to get back to the gambling tables. They're going to hit a merchant over in the luxury quarter and need a thief or two. Are you in? 
  7. A wounded United Planet officer is looking to find someone to take map to head quarters are you it? 
  8. A group of religious colonists are looking for adventurers to act as protection, scouts, and more for a space going caravan. They will pay well but will try to convert or kill those they employ at the end of the journey. 
  9. A group of adventurers is willing to act as "advisors" for any going out into the darker regions of the Chasm. They will offer their services and advice for 40 credits for 30 minutes. 
  10. A desperate man is running away from 30 United Planets officers. He bumps into one random party member passing them a twelve in long plastic tube with an elder sign branded on one end. Start the adventure now! 

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