Sunday, February 3, 2013

1d10 Deep Space Battles Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign


1d10 Deep Space Battles Encounter Table 

  1. Refugees 1d200 fleeing the devastation of their city state. 40% of mutants among the crowds. They're aboard a generation ship
  2. A pride of undead  feeding on the dead. 1d4 astrozombies these regenerate as trolls.
  3. FTL communications chanting to the Elder Ones 
  4. A pack of ghouls 1d6 3 hit points each. These regenerate as trolls. 
  5. 1d6 space going neanderthal warriors 2nd level. Armed with clubs,spears, & shields 20% of shaman leader 
  6. A group of space octopus with human faces 3 hit points each & 1d4 tentacle attack 
  7. 1d4 Space Going Thork green men warriors/tribesmen 3 hit points each,1st level fighters armed with short swords & shields.10% chance of radium pistols. 
  8. 1d3 wild Vampire Undead things 2 hit points each feeding on the dead. 30% of carrying a nasty disease.
  9.  1d3 Scout Mantas 6 hit points each armed with teleforce weapons.100 yard range 12 shot each 
  10. A flock of 1d6 Space vampires feeding on the dying red soldiers aboard a colony ship. 4 hit points each. 1d4 points of damage from blood loss & 50% of carrying red death! 

File:US Navy 040220-N-8197M-002 Hull Maintenance Technician Fireman Clifford Salvatore, of Flat Rock, Mich., welds safety rails in the engineering spaces aboard the amphibious command ship USS La Salle (AGF 3).jpg
Who Knows What Your Going To Find When That Hatch Opens 

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