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1d20 Space Marines And Adventurer Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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1d20 Space Marines And Adventurer Random Encounter Table
  1. A grizzled adventurer in power armor with a dark secret. He's a retired marine now a merc caring for his grand daughter who wants to follow in her grand father's foot steps. Willing to bargain for passage aboard a star ship for service.
  2. A marine with other vets who are swapping tales among themselves. Their space armor is dark and pitted but their leathers are solid. They tell tales of the lost temples of the Elder gods and space demons. 
  3. A marine cursed to never die is seeking a ship for passage to lift his curse from his shoulders. He will bargain with a holo map of lost star treasures.  
  4. A retired marine seeks a scientist to help him with a piece of lost treasure. He knows where there is a cache of more. There is a dark secret of murder and mayhem attached to the cache. 
  5. An ancient ship of lost legend sails the depths of space and continues to haunt this adventurer who knows its secret and is willing to share with the right party of adventurers and spacers. 
  6. A marine in space power armor has lost his platoon and is willing to bargain for passage to get back to them. There is a group of alien bounty hunters on his trail and wants to hunt him down. 
  7. A retired marine now bounty hunter is looking for adventurers to help him track down a very dangerous colonist now murder with a triple homicide on his head. The man was last seen where the PCs had their last adventure. 
  8. The ancient and alien armor you see conceals a human space marine whose turned to adventure after being locked within the confines of this ancient armor. He seeks an alchemist who can release him from it. 
  9. This adventurer is actually a smuggler of the first order who wants a ship to help him move a cargo worth 20,000 credits but United Planets officers are after him. He's got to leave now! 
  10. This grizzled looking wreck of a man is actually the survivor of three battles and is being perused by a murderous adaptioid who could be anyone. The man needs help desperately and is willing to go anywhere or do anything to escape this monster from the darkest frozen wastes of space. 
  11. This man is on the run from his ex-wife who happens to be a dangerous adventurer. She's pursued him to the Antaries Nebula and will hunt him down to Perdition itself. Willing to help with anything just to get away asap. 
  12. This marine is possessed by a planar demon whose seeking adventurers willing to help it find a lost alien temple. It tempts with dark rewards and ancient alien treasures.
  13. A retired marine has turned space captain and seeks a party to help him find his lost brother and the treasure he was seeking. There are clues left behind that point to a stellar nursery where cold young stars are born. Will you help?
  14. An ancient metamorph is seeking the love of its life. A retired space marine who shared a night of passion but whose life is now in danger. Its willing to hire a party who might help him survive the space phantom whose tracking him down to kill him. 
  15. A suit of space armor has been seen around a nearby space port recharging, hanging around. Psychics who have been around it come away very frightened. Within its frame are the remains and ghost of a marine who was murdered by his fellow adventurers. He seeks a party to help with his revenge. He's willing to give the treasure he was murdered over as payment. 
  16. A group of bandits is looking for a team of special engineering marines that made off with important geological data concerning the whereabouts of a rare strike. Willing to pay to help tracking these men down. 
  17. A group of marines is caught between a group of alien bounty hunters and pirates who are seeking the "treasure" which the marines took from them. They're trying to get back to United Planets offices with the treasure and the information. They're willing to pay for help.
  18. A group of retired marines is seeking passage back to a desert planet where they saw an alien treasure. There for the taking. They don't realize the curse that hangs over the place. 
  19. An orphan is seeking her father a retired marine whose now the captain of a star ship and leader in the mining guild.She is willing to book passage with a group of adventurers willing to help her. 
  20. This space marine/adventurer is looking for a party willing to brave the "chaos dimensions" in order to retrieve his brother whose been lost to the timeless void between the stars 


  1. Good stuff! Never a dull moment for those space marines.

  2. Those darn space marines get around especially when there's bugs around and adventure. ;-) More coming up folks stay tuned for the latest gaming chaos.


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