Friday, February 22, 2013

The Toy Makers Magnum Opus Act One Update and Reminder

A gentle reminder of one of the various projects I'm involved with is this handsome volume of forgotten and forbidden lore. We so want to make this happen and we need your help. Go and please help make this volume of nastiness and haunting excellence a reality. 

 The Toy Makers Magnum Opus Act One -  A beautiful handmade art book of Pandoric puzzle designs illuminated with metallic foils, printed on parchment & vellum, & a cast cover.

Acts 1 & 2 completed, while Act 3's is a secret

My friend and writer/artist Eric Gross has been working on this for a very, very, long time. From the Kickstarter:

Philippe August René LeMarchand

For those unfamiliar, a Pandoric is a word I coined to describe the beautifully intricate puzzle like works of art that when solved open gateways sometimes to Heaven, sometimes Hell, sometimes there are worse alternatives. "

Pandorics pictures: The Sanguine Apotheosis, The Jeremiad Enigma, The Cilicium Pandorics, Bedlam's Conspiracy
A Pandoric is a beautifully intricate puzzle constructed from Gopher wood, Bastard Gold, Brass, Silver, Copper. and Alchemy. The meaning of a Pandoric is lost in translation from it's original Babylonian, and can mean; prison, lock, key, or all depending on it's use in context.
 There are new tales that are unfolding right now as we speak. New volumes of curious lore being unearthed at this very moment.  
Take a look into new realms of possibility and the horrors that have been uncovered. We've been waiting for you. 
You can find out more about The Kickstarter right over HERE

So get involved, show us your support, spread the we are fond of saying, "find us, friend us, follow us."

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