Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1d10 Random Encounter Space Wrecks Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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1d10 Random Encounter Space Wrecks Table
  1. Zombie in a faded space suit seems to be following you after you receive a distress signal from a strange ghostly star ship wreck. The ship fades into the Outer void but its strange passenger remains behind. 
  2. Alien lich double hit points appears within your space craft after you find his sky tomb. His craft contains valuable ancient technological artifacts worth 2000 credits 
  3. A wrecked space fighter with 1d4 wights aboard drifts into tractor beam range. The craft is worth plenty to collectors because of the parts alone. 
  4. Alien star destroyer hauling a valuable shipment of gold. The wreck is infested with 1d20 zombies infected with zombie rot and worse. 
  5. Star explorer with type H treasure aboard and 1d4 alien skeleton warriors on board under a curse to sail the seas of space forever. They will try to kill one of the PCs to join their crew. 
  6. Sleeper ship hauling valuable ore 1d4 alien wights aboard guarding the slightly radioactive ore. They worship the ore as pieces of their Outer God. 
  7. Ancient alien salvage ship infested with 1d8 ghosts of the crew. There is valuable salvage in the hold but the ghosts will try to curse anyone that they can. Those cursed will join them within 1d6 months. 
  8. Space station infected Canobus plague hurling through space. There are 1d20 intelligent zombies on board and valuable scientific instruments worth a cool 3,000 credits. The zombies will trade a PC for the instruments or try to hitch a ride with the PCs 
  9. Hyperspace carrier hauling radioactive fuels adrift in space. The place is infected with ghouls and 1d4 ghasts that are so very hungry. These creatures carry the Red Death. 
  10. Flying saucer infected with a living energy spirit. The craft will vanish in 1d4 rounds taking with it valuable hyperspace charts to many different corners of the universe. There are 1d8 skeletons aboard that will animate should anyone come on board.

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