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The Yoyo Dyne Propulsion Systems Faction For Stars Without Number

The Yoyo Dyne Propulsion System Faction For SWN 

A star spanning consortium of mercantile defense and interstellar star ship system the company has been on the bleeding edge of space drive systems for more then four hundred years.
"a giant of the aerospace industry", Yoyodyne was founded by World War II veteran Clayton "Bloody" Chiclitz. The company has a large manufacturing plant in the fictional town of San Narciso, California. Starting back in the early 80's, this company produced such successful projects such as the ion drive systems used in the Hunter probes back in 1985.

They have been working on building a large spacecraft under the guise of a US Air Force program, the Truncheon bomber.
The Truncheon paved the way for latter day stealth technology and other experimental craft.

 From Terraforming equipment to Spike Drives and hyperspace applications. Yo Yo Dyne has been at the forefront of modern manufacturing. Where there are colony ships being deployed you'll find Yo Yo Dyne products.  The mega corporation almost seems to have a religious drive towards detail and fine engineering standards. The company rebuilt itself right after the horrors of the Atomic Wars and maintains a close relationship with the Banzai Institute to this very day.


The mega corporation has offices and plants as well as ship yards throughout known space. The company may call upon quite a bit of help within the "Corporate" community. They have crack research and engineering teams that they can call upon within a moment's notice almost anywhere within the universe. They're understand of hyper spacial relationships enables the firm to create star craft drives of rare and incredible engineering.
The Yoyo Dyne Propulsions System Faction 
Attributes Forces 3 Cunning 5 Wealth 6
Hit points 29 
Venture Capital /Wealth 6 Shipping Combine Wealth 4 
Hardened Personel/Forces 3 Black Mail/ Cunning 3
 Tags: Plutocratic

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The Yoyo Dyne Propulsions Faction For SWN

 There is a 40% chance that Yo Yo Dyne will have a specific spike drive in stock or in production. The company is a leading force within the space industry and maintains thousands of  aftermarket part services for spacers. They are also one of the bleeding edge manufacturers of space drives and defense contracts.
The megacorporation moves right along with colonists to proved a full range of services to help humanity grow among the stars.
Despite urban legend there is no hidden agenda to anything that the mega corporation does. There is absolutely no truth to the fact that the company was not only present when the first of the Spike drives were tested or that they provided funding for such operations. Or that the company had anything to do with some of the first Spike drive and hyperspace engines ever manufactured.
There is absolutely no truth that the company maintains some of the first long range hyperspace saucers that are used in high risk missions. Further there is no eviendence that the company released some of the first hyper space carrier designs straight after the incidents involving several interstellar invasive species.
 Yo Yo Dyne is merely a growing excited company who only wants the very best for humanity among the stars.
 The mega corporation still maintains its head quarters in the same town; Grover's Mill, New Jersey.

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