Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ernie Gygax House Fire

Feb, 17. 2013 - One of our own lost everything . Ernest "Ernie" Gary Gygax Jr. had a fire which destroyed his home and all of his possessions Ernie escaped along with his room mate, and his beloved dog. For now, please share your wishes of support. It will take several days to put the mechanisms in place in order for any donations to be accepted for Ernie

From the desk of Tim Kask :
Ernie's Inferno
Update: 7:00 PM EST
There has been a tremendous outpouring of support for Ernie. Luke is talking to a lawyer in Lake Geneva (a fellow gamer) to see how to best set this up so as to minimize Ernie's exposure to the IRS.
As soon as we have an account in place, we will spread the word.
There is a move to do something about donating sales of PDF's by certain companies on a given day to Ernie.

There is interest in some sort of e-Bay auction of things donated to the benefit of Ernie.

We might do something at GaryCon in the Auction, but I rather think that might be redundant by then.
We are considering setting up a "Friends of EGG, Jr. FB page as a central coordination nexus.
For right now, my page and the Gygax Magazine page will have the latest info. After Tuesday, it will be on the GM page as I travel to TotalCon on Wed and don't return until late Sunday night.
We want to do this right, keep Ernie out of tax trouble, and allow everyone that wants to help a chance to do so.
I have always known that gamers always close ranks for their own.

Stay Tuned to The Gygax Magazine's Facebook page for more information. Go right over HERE
 There already is a Facebook page that has been set up for relief efforts on Facebook right Here
My thoughts and prayers are with Ernie and the rest of the Gygax family. I'm so glad that everyone is alive this evening.  Thank you for attention. 


  1. Uh, that's awful. Poor guy. It's heartbreaking to think of all the personal stuff from his dad (not just game related) that he's lost.

  2. Ernie is a friend and is one of the nicest gamers I know. I can't begin to imagine what he's going through right now. Its really not about the "things" its about the memories. His father, life, and all the things in between are gone but only the memories remain.
    He used to run a game regularly at his home and this has devastated him and his family as well.
    The Gygax family are some of the nicest folks I know and this has really brought home just how precious life is. I pray for them, Ernie, his roommate and his beloved dog.
    As soon as I know more about donations and such they'll appear on this blog.
    Thanks for the comments, more to come soon.


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