Monday, February 25, 2013

Mega-Bug Gladiator Combat Mecha For Your Old School Space Opera

Bursting from the jungle undergrowth comes the Mega bugs! Mecha coming straight out of the 70's into an alien gladiatorial arena upon Carcosa today! 

The Dragon Fly 

Crew: pilot and passenger
Weight : 20 tons 

AC 8 
Hit points : 30 
Specials: Flight as per giant dragon fly, cameo coating capable of blending itself in outdoor areas as per illusionist spells.
Attacks : Bio stinger missiles 1d8 per missile including psionic homing missiles 3 mile range
holds 6 missiles,
Neutronic maniblaster beam 1d6 damage 60 yard radius 
Power plant : Bio Nuclear Drive system 200 year life span 

The Scorpion 

Spider Mecha OD&D Stats
50 tons 

 Crew :1 pilot and passenger 
Hit Points : 40 
Specials : Mono camouflage skin 
Attacks : 1d8 pincer attack
Mandi blaster 1d6 70 yard range
Morning Star Attack 1d8 per hit
 Morning Star Energy Power Attack 1d10  30 yards from Mecha 

Movement: As Giant Scorpion
Power plant : Bio Nuclear Drive system 200 year life span 


Crew: pilot and passenger
Weight : 40 tons 

AC 6
Hit points : 30
 Movement as Giant Spider 

Specials: Capable of scaling skyscrapers, vertical surfaces, Thermo/cameo camoflauge coating 
Attacks : Web beams 1d4 every round as the monocular webbing crushes its prey
Neutronic maniblaster beam 1d8 damage 60 yard radius
 Power Vice Fangs 1d4 per round as vital fluids are drained.
Power plant : Bio Nuclear Drive system 300 year life span 

These incredible mecha were recently uncovered upon Carcosa and have taken up their ancient deadly trade of gladiatorial combat once again. They work as mercenaries often on opposites for the pay of 1d4 artifacts and the chance to test their metal against each other once again. 

The alien insectoids that drive these mecha have been seen across the galaxy for the past couple of months in their strange bio organic armor making inquiries and dealing themselves with galactic affairs. These mecha and their drivers were rumored to have been seen on Earth during the Atomic Wars. 

The Mega Bugs are copy right and trade marked to the Kenner corporation. This is a fan homage from my childhood and this is for Entertainment purposes only. 
All information is from my sick and twisted DM's mind but the photos and such are from the Plaid Stallions site and you can view more right 


  1. These are cool! Amazing I don't remember seeing them from when I was a kid. Reminds me of an earlier version of Zoids.

    It also reminds me of the Apparatus of Kwalish from the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide.

  2. Tom
    I had these and Zoids and these were BIGGER!
    Yes, These are very much in the spirit of the Apparatus of Kwalish from the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide. We've got more of these types of toys coming up. Thanks for the great comment.


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