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The United Planets Cruiser C57D from Forbidden Planet For Stars Without Number

"In the final decade of the 21st Century, men and women in rocket-ships landed on the Moon. By 2200 AD, they had reached the other planets of our solar system. Almost at once there followed the discovery of Hyper-Drive, through which the speed of light was first attained, and later greatly surpassed. And so at last, mankind began the conquest and colonization of deep space."
 The United Planets Cruiser C57D  Power 10/1 Mass 10/0 free
Hit Points 30 Crew 5/20 Speed 3 Armor 8 AC 7
Weapons - Plasma Beam +3/3d6+1 ,AP 10
Defense - Hardened Polyceramic Overlay
Fittings - Spike Drive - 2(Hyperdrive) Atmospheric Configuration, Extended Stores, Boarding Tube, Ships Armory, Ship's Locker, Tractor,Survey Scanners 

The United Planets Cruiser C57D is the classic ship by which all others are measured by. This ship type has seen service in more theaters of space exploration then any other vessel. The anti matter/fusion power chambers allowed this vessel to travel through hyper space at warp factor 2.5. 



The United Planets Cruiser Class boasted a crew of twenty one and were usually involved in high risk missions for extend periods away from the comforts of United Planet Headquarters. The ship boasted a complete set of facilities including a deceleration beam center used as the ship returns from the rigors of hyperspace.
 According to Wiki :

The starship has a lenticular profile. Above there is a dome, approximately a third of the diameter of a lens. Below there is a very shallow cylinder of about the same diameter, and a somewhat smaller dome that ostensibly houses the ship's faster-than-light light drive engine and central landing pedestal. The precise contours and proportions differ slightly between the models, full-size sets, and matte paintings used in the film. On landing, a stairway and two conveyor-loading ramps swing down at an angle from the central base of the bottom lens shape.
The original movie blueprints for the ship's command deck[2] show it to have a central circular "navigation center", reminiscent of the console used later in Doctor Who's TARDIS, with a transparent globe centered on a small model of the C-57D. Around this central space are a number of wedge-shaped rooms, including:
  • A room with a curved table, chairs and a space for books (presumably a galley and rec room).
  • A room with the "communications center", a chart table and the "main viewscope".
  • A room with 16 bunk beds, with a pit and crane between it and the central area.
  • A room with 9 "decelerator tubes". The movie shows the crew standing within these transparent cylinders while the ship decelerates from hyperdrive, but does not reveal whether the tubes must also be used during acceleration.
On the ship's mezzanine level there is an instrument station and other rooms that aren't seen.

For many years this class of star ship served with distinction. They saw action in many of the periods of interstellar warfare that defined the human race among the stars. This type of ship was eventually replaced by the latter half of the 23rd Century, just as the new Constitution-class starships (with superior Warp Drive engines) introduced in the mid-2240s, albeit for admittedly different purposes.
With the reemergence of mankind from the long dark ages of the stroke and the uncovering of this design once again. These ships are flying the interstellar space ways once again. They are a common sight among the vast interstellar space ways once again. 

Links and acknowledgements 
All images came from this wonderful forum and the hard work and dedication of its members you can find more classic star ships right HERE

The Wold Newton Universe contains even more wild speculation on Forbidden Planet with plenty of story/adventure hooks that can bring both Star Trek and Altair IV into your games right Here
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