Monday, February 11, 2013

289 Calling! A Carcosa Encounter For Your Old School Space Opera

289 Calling! The PCs are out in deep space when they recieve a strange FTL transmission originating from deep within an unexplored area of space. 
 The Transmission originates within a small star cluster. Upon a planetoid is a wrecked spacecraft still transmitting a distress signal. The planetoid is a swamp like like methane world. There are a few predators (mutated dinosuars and the like) 

The twist here is that this was a Serpentmen transport. The occupants are long dead and skeletons but their cargo of multicolored men is still in stasis and there are a number of relics still in operational condition but the PCs aren't the only ones interested. 

 A party of 1d10 greys (hit points 3, Armor Class 8, 1d4 Etheric Blasters) want to take possession of the transport and its contents. They have a "Hyper space skiff saucer" 50 hit point, Crew 40, Heavy Type B star ship blasters 1d6 damage 1 light year range  near by.  
 Aboard the ship is mostly type B treasure but also the planar engines are on the verge of exploding and there is a 60% chance of any stray PC shots setting off the whole thing. A quick sensor scan will reveal the problem. The explosion will do 1d20 points of damage and kill the entire cargo of humanoids in stasis. This renders their value nil. There is also the small matter of the alien energy horror that is the power source of the ship. 40 hit points, 1d4 damage from energy tendril, Armor Class 6,
 Victory Conditions 
The following condition should be met for the PCs to "win" the situation: 
  1. Drive off the Greys and claim the ship. 
  2. Get the cargo and treasure off of the serpent men's ship. The Lovecraftian nature of the technology makes it very hard to adapt there is only a 20% chance of making it work with your technology. 
  3. The real treasure is a holographic treasure make showing all of the nearby serpent men lairs. There are 20 locations in all.
  4. A hyperspace route Carcosa is also listed on the treasure map as well. 

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