Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still More Random Lovecraftian Space Cargoes Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Lovecraftian Space Cargoes Table
  1. Imported Shaggoth Material In Suspension. Hatches 1d8 3 hit point young shaggoths who are very hungry 
  2. Golden key in a trunk. The key opens the doorway to the realms of nightmare and insanity. Three times per day it may act as a dimension door spell to certain realms. 
  3. A crystal egg belonging to the Elder Things that shows revolving images of their past. There is a 60% of them seeing a character and psionically attacking that person. There is a good chance of being teleported back 30 million years to the hey day of the Things. 
  4. A coffin shaped box that contains the brains of a Mi Go wizard. The user may cast three fourth level magic user spells per day. The brain will try to telepathically tempt the user into the the hands of the Old Ones or gate in 1d20 mi go warriors to the fool's location. The Mi Go are looking for this box. 
  5. A Black Globe in a velvet box that contains the essence of an ancient one. These beings serve the Great Old Ones. This thing is mindless but once a week its powers will surface. The user may cast a field of darkness, use telepathy, read languages, or swim in the memories of the ancient one. There is a 70% chance of going temperoarily insane each time the memories of the ancient one are accessed. The globe is warm and slightly sticky with forbidden knowledge to the touch. 
  6. The Heart of a Deep One, this six inch, one pound piece of mummified meat beats when danger threatens the user. Three times per day the user may breath water as per the spell. The user may use any of the ancient space craft of the Deep Ones and sing in their thrilling tongue. The user will hear the Call of Cthulhu within their mind when using this heart. 
  7. Helm of Gagcu The Wise One, This brass helm holds the essence of the wizard Gagcu who challenged the Old Ones and lost. The wizard will try to take over anyone who holds the helm. His powers are now only those of a 3rd level wizard however and the user may only access 2 spells per day. The real power of the helm is the insane memories of the wizard which still hold 1d8 dread rites of the Old Ones. There is a 40% chance of the insanity leaking into the mind of the user each time the helm is used. 
  8. The Milk of Shadruth The Insane- This jug sits sealed with a wax like tar substance and contains the soul of the small god Shadruth. Three times per day the user may cry tears of black blood from their eyes which may heal any wound. The healing will also grant a strange dread mutation, the area healed will be discolored and marked by the Old Ones 
  9. The Casket of Armure this brass and stone casket contains the tablets of  Old Gods. They can be accessed by a follower of the Old Gods and marks their wisdom upon the broken stone. Twice per day a question may be asked and the tablets will reveal a cryptic answer telepathically to the user. The tablets may also whisper dread secrets to the user that will drive them insane eventually. The Casket will also rebuke a servant of the Old Ones once per day. 
  10. The charts of Una The Navigator - These charts show the movements across the heavens of the Great Outter Gods. These items also contain 1d6 rites to track,bind, and summon them to a planet. There is a 40% chance of the "God" knowing that they've been found. 


  1. Lovely stuff. Great ideas and written giving a great feel of a deep space find...

  2. Glad you liked it! We've got more coming up Paul


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