Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Strung out & Left Out On Cyclops - A Hostile rpg Mini Game - Session Report One\

 This session report is going to pick right up from yesterday's review of Cyclops. Just tonight we arrived on Cyclops & were thawed out inside the crater.Cyclops is an up & coming world in Hostile but it's a world of conflict. We could feel the whole crater & it's easy going towns as nothing more then powder kegs waiting to happen. Our Blackguard detachment were posing as drovers & ranch hands. So we blended in with the latest batch of workers to the Cyclops colony. 

We were a bit outgunned as we had to make due with side arms & none of our usual kit. This meant buying weapons on Cyclops & we were at a disavantage as well. We had a meeting with our employer a rival rancher who wanted answers as too why the miners were being stirred up. We were there for a series of bounties on terrorists who were using the mining operations as cover. 
We spent this game circulating among the local population & making contact with our local inside men. Arrangements, food, and safehouses were done among the colonists & drovers of Cyclops. Something wasn't right off the bat. We had a sniper inciden in town tonight & this isn't a common occurance. This was followed a day later by a bomb threat & it almost took out one of our party. We wanted & needed answers. What we got!? We got drugged & kidnapped then left out in the Hitherlands! This is where tonight's game ended. 

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