Saturday, January 28, 2023

Stars Without Numbers - Meeting The Duke Under Strange Stars Session Report One

 At the edge of the Washington sector near the Gateway worlds is Satan's Eye the spiral wormhole gateway into another galaxy. And in tonight's  Stars Without Numbers game run by DM Steve our party ended up on Strange Stars world Circus. And on Circus the infamous trade city Interzone for a clandestine meeting with Warduke supplied by the Crossroads blog here. We were taking possession of a very special cargo from the infamous mercenary. 

Warduke 2016 by on @DeviantArt 
Artwork used without permission.

We met the mercenary & his Bulliwug warriors at a downtown warehouse where our galaxy trucker rig was stored. And we had no idea what the cargo was? We were paid not to ask questions & we didn't. The Bulliwugs were there to protect said cargo & their master.

Everything was all business tonight & we paid the mercenary his gold & then moved on. We were fully expecting a double cross & that didn't happen. My psion PC kept an eye on things. But it was mostly a done deal with Warduke & we were actually expecting trouble that didn't happen. Now with the s’ta zoku gang we ran into that's another matter entirely! They wanted whatever it was that we had in cargo badly & our party wasn't about to give up our cargo. Mary Mary the leader of
the s’ta zoku gang promised us the literal Sun,the Moon, & the Stars for our cargo. That didn't happen & then tried good old fashioned dosing us with pychoactive drugs. And we were ready for that. We'd dealt with 'space hippies' before. With a bit of fast footwork & some quick thinking we dodged the gang. Securing our rig 'the Fontana' we loaded the cargo and left Circus  back to Satan's Eye. And back to the Washington Sector. Or so we thought! We did make it through the worm hole gateway but on the otherside was a pirate Scavenger fleet waiting for us! We ended right here! 

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